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Load Shift Dangers

Truck drivers, cargo carriers, and junk haulers move heavy loads from place to place. many times, this cargo is moving at high speeds on highways. How secure is the cargo that the drivers are transporting? Several local and national news stories highlight the dangers of load shifts and the hazards they present for truck drivers and others on the road.

truck load shift dangers

Shifting Steel Beams

In Lebanon County Pennsylvania, a truck driver was hauling construction materials. While transporting heavy steel beams, the load shifted forward. The truck driver was pinned and the local fire department helped remove the driver from the cab. You can see from this news story the driver is lucky to be alive.

No one was hurt in the above incident, but if they were who would be responsible? What can cause a truck load to shift?

shifting load injury wrongful death attorney

What Causes Load Shift?

A shifting load is the result of one or several factors. Any of these factors can cause or contribute to a truckload shifting:

  • improperly secured cargo
  • unbalanced load distribution
  • speeding
  • rapid braking or accelerating
  • sharp turns

This video shows how even a ‘secured’ load can shift. A truck driver with a dashcam recorded video of another driver cutting them off on the highway. No one is hurt in the video, but it helps illustrate how load shifts happen.

Who Is Responsible For Load Shift Injuries?

Truck load shift crashes are a serious, but preventable problem. When a load shift results in injuries or wrongful death, it can leave victims searching for answers. Typically, the truck driver secures the load before departure. However, there may be other factors that can cause or lead to a load shift. One or several parties may be responsible for injuries from a load shift.

  • truck driver
  • shipping company
  • company that loaded the cargo
  • other driver(s)
  • equipment failure

heavy load shift injury lawsuit

Load Shift Injury Lawsuit

If you have been injured by a shifting truck load, talk to an attorney. Additionally, if a loved one was killed by a load shift the surviving family may qualify to file a claim. An attorney can investigate your claim and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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