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Lug Nut Spikes – Decoration Or Hazard?

You may have seen them. Large spikes on the wheels of tractor-trailer trucks or big pickup trucks. These huge spikes are usually decorative, meant to intimidate drivers. The important question is: are lug nut spikes purely decorative or are they a hazard?

lug nut spike injury lawyer

What Are Lug Nuts?

Lug nuts, lugnuts, or wheel nuts are used to secure a wheel onto the axel. Nearly every vehicle with wheels has lug nuts for this purpose.

Lug Nut Spikes

There is an addition that can cover them, called lug nut spikes. These additions simply cover the existing lug nuts or physically screw on. They are long cones with a very pointy and sharp top. The official purpose of lug nut spikes is to protect the lug nut itself from wear and tear.

However, in many cases these spikes are intended as an intimidation device to keep other vehicles on the road away. You may typically see them on big rigs and large pickups, adding to the already intimidating nature of these larger vehicles. Truckers may not consider the dangerous nature of these spikes, even if they are intended as a novelty decoration.

Capable Of Real Harm

These lug nut spikes can cause a lot of physical damage in the unfortunate event of an accident. Even at slower speeds, protruding spikes will damage anything they come in contact with.

reddit picture of car damaged by lug nut spikes

Who Is Responsible?

If you have injuries caused by or made worse because of lug nut spikes, you may have a valid claim for your medical expenses and injuries. Each situation is different, so it will be important to discuss your situation with an injury attorney for free advice.

“But For” Rule

In personal injury claims, we often use the “but for” rule to prove the negligence of drivers. In a case where lug nut spikes cause or contribute to the severity of an injury, an attorney might use the “but for” rule to prove negligence. But for the driver installing lug nut spikes, the other motorist would not have severe scarring and muscle damage.

lug nut spike injury claims attorney

When To Call An Injury Attorney

If you have injuries related to lug nut spikes on a vehicle, you may have grounds for a successful claim against the driver. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand how the law applies to your situation.

Local Personal Injury Lawyer

Kane & Silverman specializes in injury claims law. We have offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Contact us today for a free legal consultation with an injury attorney near you.