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Medical Implant Problems

We speak to a lot of people about medical implant failures. It’s sad how many people are hurt by devices their doctor said would cure a problem. But often, even doctors are unaware of the problems with specific medical implants. Loopholes in the FDA approval process allow companies to skip product testing.

depuy metal hip implant complications

Human Guinea Pigs

According to the FDA, if a product is very similar to a previous product it can skip testing. The FDA will issue an “FDA Cleared” medical device status. People become unknowing test subjects of implants they believe are already approved. About 400 implants on the market today use this loophole. DePuy hips used this loophole. Additionally, certain mesh implants also used this loophole.

Problems With Clinical Trials

The FDA approval process utilizes clinical trials. But the approval process is not without flaws. Most clinical trials trust the manufacturer’s own study for FDA approval. Big money is riding on the success of every product. As history shows, not all companies care about public health.

medical implant injury lawyer commercials

Implant Injury Commercials

Injury attorneys have terrible commercials. It’s true. And, it’s hard to trust a TV injury lawyer. But if a medical implant puts people at risk, you’ll see a commercial about it. If you’re injured, find a lawyer you can trust. Never choose a lawyer based on a TV ad.

John Oliver Investigates

We caught this recent piece on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. He dives into the very real danger of the FDA loophole and clinical trials. He pokes some fun at injury lawyers, and we’re okay with that. We’ve included his video here. But, be warned there are swear words and some graphic pictures/stories.

New Medical Implants

Mr. Oliver raises many interesting facts in his report. One important point he makes involves new medical implants. Just because a medical implant is new, doesn’t mean it is better or even tested. It can take years for the public to become aware of dangerous implants. By then, you may already have the implant. Do your research.

When To Call A Medical Implant Lawyer

If you have any problems with a medical implant, talk to your doctor. Any pain or health problems should be reported to your doctor immediately. Then, consider talking to a dangerous medical device lawyer.

Kane & Silverman In Philadelphia & New Jersey

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