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Meniscus Tear Injury

Can I Sue For A Meniscus Tear?

Injuries can happen for a multitude of reasons. The list of injuries that follow can be devastating. With a meniscus tear injury, you might wonder if you’re eligible for compensation. The answer? It depends.
Read this article to learn more. Or, call a personal injury lawyer for a free legal consultation.

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What Is A Meniscus?

The meniscus is the area of cartilage found in the knee area of the leg. It is a rubbery cushion between the tibia and femur bones of the leg. There are two menisci in each leg. Menisci provide cushioning support for the bones.

What Is A Meniscus Tear?

Forceful twisting or pressure at the knee can cause a meniscus tear. The cartilage actually rips. When a meniscus tears, the pain is excruciating. It also runs the risk of limiting movement and causing damage to the surrounding bones.

Symptoms Of A Meniscus Tear

If you have any symptoms of a tear, seek medical help. There are several symptoms of a meniscus tear to be aware of:

  • swelling of the knee
  • pain in the knee or leg
  • locking kneecap
  • loss/limited free motion of the knee
  • instability in knee/standing

The first symptom can seem like a “slipping” of the kneecap or a noticeable popping feeling and sound.

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What Causes Meniscus Tears?

There are many ways a meniscus can tear. Sports injuries are the most common. In most cases, a sports injury is not eligible for compensation. However, there are more ways than you may think that cause a meniscus tear.

Slip and Fall

An unexpected slip and fall can wreak havoc on the knees. In our experience, this is a very easy way to tear a meniscus. Even an unseen pothole or trip hazard can lead to a serious knee injury.

Pedestrian Injury

Torn menisci can occur from negligence toward pedestrians. Whether a car/pedestrian, bicycle/pedestrian or pedestrian-only accident, the injuries are painful.

Workplace Injury

If a workplace environment is not well-maintained, a torn meniscus can happen. Injured workers may be able to claim workman’s compensation.

Car Accident Injury

People injured in car crashes can have nearly any type of serious injury. This includes knee injuries like a meniscus tear.

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Meniscus Tear Treatment And Expenses

Meniscus tears can be incredibly expensive to treat. They can range from $5,000 to $30,000. Additionally, if you have high-deductible insurance coverage, you might pay a large portion out-of-pocket. Common healthcare expenses associated with knee injuries:

  • X-rays/MRIs
  • doctor visits and consultations
  • specialist fees
  • pain medication
  • crutches, walking boot, etc.
  • lab work/diagnosis
  • surgery
  • implants/hardware
  • physical therapy

Although a common surgery, the healing process can be quite painful and long. The recovery process can be up to 3 months and longer in certain cases. This healing process can impact your job, wages, future income, mobility, etc. for a long time.

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Do I Have a Lawsuit?

If you have a knee injury, you may be eligible for compensation. The best way to learn about your options is to discuss your situation with an injury lawyer. Most people benefit from a free legal consultation. Remember, if you ever have questions about an injury, the best option is to call an attorney.

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When someone is negligent, injuries can occur. Our lawyers at Kane & Silverman are here to take your call. We will discuss the facts of your claim to get you compensation for medical bills, loss of wages, loss of a job, and more.