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Moving Tips

Moving Tips From An Injury Attorney

Moving is a marvel of getting everything out of Point A and into Point B as painlessly as possible. We’re usually excited at the idea of moving somewhere new. Yet, in reality, you end up with a lot of sore muscles, missing stuff, and friends who swear they will never help you again. With college moving season around the corner, we put together a list of moving tips from an injury lawyer’s perspective.

My Lawyer Wants To Help Me Move?

No, we aren’t going to do the heavy lifting for you. But, we do want to help you avoid injury or the possibility of hurting others. We want to give you moving tips that most lists don’t even think of – Moving Tips From An Injury Lawyer.

moving tips to avoid injury - kane & silverman

List Of Moving Tips

1. Box Everything Securely

Moving stuff is a pain, but moving a lot of tiny little things is worse. The same goes for boxes that are too heavy. Pack your stuff into boxes that won’t fall apart. Test lifting them to make sure they aren’t too heavy. Reinforce boxes with extra tape across the bottom.

2. Label Everything

This is one of the simplest moving tips. Label everything for the room it should go in when it arrives at the new house. A roll of brown tape and a permanent marker can keep everyone organized. Avoid having your friends dig through your boxes and try to guess where it goes. Less work for them makes for an easier move.

Label any boxes with fragile or potential dangerous contents. Use blankets, sheets, and newspaper to secure fragile items. Don’t just wrap items with blankets or newspaper, secure them with some tape when possible.

3. Bag And Attach Appliance And Furniture Hardware

You might think you’ll remember how everything goes back together and which screws belong to which furniture. Don’t even try. Get plenty of zipper plastic bags and a permanent marker. Bag all the hardware for each piece of furniture separate.

If screws are similar, use the sticky side of duct tape to keep screws together. You can even write on the tape exactly where they belong. Additionally, number the bags for better organization. Consider adding a numbered piece of tape on the furniture where the hardware goes. Organization is key to putting the furniture back together. Duct tape the bags to the furniture or have a box of hardware bags (just don’t lose the box!).

4. Renting A Moving Truck Or Trailer

If you rent a moving truck or trailer, be sure to adjust any mirrors before driving. While parked, have someone move around the vehicle as the driver checks visibility. Make sure everything is secure before moving. All doors should be completely closed while driving. Ramps need to be secure. All trailer hitch safety chains should be properly attached.

Load the truck or trailer the correct way. A trailer should be loaded with at least 60% of the weight in the front of the trailer. That means the majority of the weight should be in the front close to the hitch. UHaul shared a video that demonstrates the dangers of a trailer that isn’t loaded right.

When loading a moving truck, load the heaviest items in an “I” formation. Penske shares a useful infographic for loading a moving truck. Use ratchet straps and rope to secure items from shifting.

When moving the truck or trailer, have passengers keep an extra eye on the load. They should help watch for falling items, road debris, and other hazards. Avoid all distractions while driving.

5. Wear Proper Attire For Moving

Flip flops are not a good idea when moving. Consider the work involved and dress for the job. Wear shoes with toe protection. Consider steel toe shoes. No one expects to drop grandma’s heirloom bureau, but if it happens, you don’t want to lose your toes.

Additionally, consider work gloves to protect your hands. Work gloves can prevent cuts, blisters, and some serious injuries. Spending a few bucks on gloves could save you hundreds on a trip to the ER for stitches.

carrying too much can cause injury - moving tips

6. Heavy Lifting And Walking

Everyone knows to lift with their legs, not with their back. Also, make sure hallways and stairs are clear of boxes and trip hazards. Carrying boxes will block your vision. Repeated heavy lifting will tire you out, making you more likely to trip. Use a dolly cart as much as possible.

If something feels too heavy to lift, it’s too heavy to move. Get more friends involved in the lifting or find a smarter way to move it.

7. Assembling Furniture

Don’t depend on your memory to put furniture together. Consider taking pictures or video as you disassemble furniture. Or, put the directions with the hardware. If you know where the furniture came from that can help too. Many manufacturers have the directions available online for download. Extra hardware is never a good sign. Those extra pieces could hurt you or someone else later when the furniture falls apart.

take apart and assemble furniture properly

8. Reward Your Helpers

When it’s all over and everything is in the new house, be sure to reward your helpers. Be gracious and thankful. A decent meal can go a long way in showing your gratitude. No one will expect a fancy meal on moving day. Pizza or Chinese takeout is nice enough right after the move. But, consider doing something nicer once you’re more settled in your new place.

9. Enjoy Your New Place!

When the actual “moving” is done, take some time to relax and get settled. Meet the neighbors. “Borrow” a cup of sugar, even if you don’t need it. Having an excuse to meet the neighbors can help break the ice and makes meeting new people less uncomfortable.

new apartment entry - moving tips from an injury attorney

Taking The Stress Out Of Moving

Whether you’re moving across town, off to college, or out of the state, we hope our list has been useful. If there is anything we can do to help out in the future, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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