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Multi-Vehicle Accident

What To Do if You Are In A Multi-Vehicle Accident

Millions of Americans drive the highways each day. Car accidents have become one of the most common causes of injury and death. Multi-vehicle accident cases are a complicated mess. If you’re injured in a multi-vehicle crash, don’t try to handle it on your own.

Many factors play a role in multi-vehicle accidents. Things like weather, dangerous drivers, and road hazards contribute to a crash. Most of the time, some form of negligence is the cause of the crash.

multi-vehicle accident injury claims lawyer

5 Killed in PA Turnpike Accident

Over 50 people were injured and 6 fatalities on January 5, 2020. Early in the morning, a Z & D Tours bus struck the center median. It veered off the highway and up a steep embankment. The bus flipped on its side, then slid back down the hill and into traffic, stopping across both lanes. Several tractor-trailers were unable to stop. They collided with the bus and each other, causing severe damage.

Another large chain-reaction crash happened in 2014 on the PA Turnpike. This incident involved over 100 vehicles. While bad weather played a role, many drivers were driving too fast for conditions.

Urgency After A Multi-Vehicle Accident

Injured drivers and passengers must act fast. From injuries to wrongful death, legal action must be taken promptly. 

Preserve Evidence After A Crash

Evidence, such as “black box” information must be preserved. All videos should be collected and reviewed. It is imperative to send preservation letters immediately. The NTSB states it will take two years to investigate the turnpike bus crash. But, injured people can’t wait that long to take action.

multi-vehicle crash investigation

Statute Of Limitations

Almost every type of injury or damage claim has a time limit. In most car accident situations, the time limit is two years. If a person files a claim against the wrong party, they could lose the chance to file a claim against the right party. In multi-vehicle accidents, it’s best to find an experienced attorney. Find out more about the civil lawsuit statute of limitations.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Injury Claims

Insurance companies like to deny claims. But, people in a multi-vehicle accident deserve the money to cover their medical expenses. These people also deserve compensation for their pain and suffering. Because the investigation is ongoing, insurance is likely to deny all claims until the investigation is over. However, if the injured person waits too long they lose their right to compensation.

Injuries And The Aftermath

Being involved in an accident can be life-changing. Physical injuries can painful. To heal, it is important to get the treatment recommended by your doctor.

Multi-vehicle injuries can include, but are not limited to:

Broken bones

Injuries suffered from an accident can be ongoing. In fact, if you’re severely injured, it may affect your ability to work. You may be eligible to file a claim to receive medical compensation and current/future income loss.

chain reaction crash injury lawyer

Who Is To Blame?

There are many factors to consider when establishing liability in a multi-vehicle accident. Most drivers don’t admit fault in a crash. Drivers often blame other drivers. Many times, the accident police report assigns fault. 

Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney

An experienced accident attorney will investigate all who are involved. They’ll talk to any eyewitnesses. From there, the attorney will determine those that are liable for the accident. 

We look at all aspects of the crash. Was anyone negligent in what they did? Were those actions responsible for or contribute to the multi-vehicle accident? Did they act appropriately under the circumstances?

Filing an Insurance Claim

When involved in a multi-car accident, it can get messy. Hiring a reputable personal injury attorney can make a big difference.

A knowledgeable accident attorney will speak to and negotiate with insurance on your behalf. They also assess the incident and protect your rights. You don’t want to sign anything from any insurance company until you talk to a lawyer.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorneys In Pennsylvania Or New Jersey

At Kane & Silverman, our experienced personal injury lawyers are here for you. Our attorneys work with people injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We have offices in Philadelphia, PA and Marlton, NJ.

Holding the wrongdoers accountable is our specialty! We understand this is a sensitive time for you. Our skilled team is tough on insurance. We negotiate the best results possible for your situation. When insurance doesn’t want to be fair, we take them to court.

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