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New Jersey Car Insurance Must Disclose Policy Limits

In 2021, the governor of New Jersey signed a bill into law. The bill requires auto insurance companies in New Jersey to disclose policy limits to an injured person’s attorney.

New Jersey Bill A3444

Bill A3444 was signed into law in 2021. The purpose of the bill is to streamline the car injury claim process.

car accident injury claims lawyer

How Does Bill A3444 Work?

Bill A3444 helps level the field for injury claims. An injury attorney representing the injured party sends the required information to the at-fault driver’s insurance. The insurance then has 30 days to provide information for all available coverage. This includes the primary car insurance policy and any additional applicable coverage the at-fault driver may have.

car insurance policy claims

The at-fault driver may have a car insurance policy that covers $100,000. But, they may also have an umbrella policy with additional coverage. In the past, the injury attorney wouldn’t actually know how much coverage was available until the claim was headed into a lawsuit. This information was only provided under the court’s discovery process. In the past, this could have taken years to get the information.

New Jersey law now saves time and money for injured people. Lawyers can know how much coverage is available without the need to move a claim into the lawsuit phase. This can help injured people get their money faster.

What Are Car Insurance Policy Limits?

Car insurance policy limits are the maximum amount an insurer has to pay for the insured driver’s coverage. There are limits for property damage, injury claims, and more. An insurance policy defines the maximum amount of coverage available. The policy limit includes the harm an at-fault driver might do to you. People injured by the at-fault driver are limited by the at-fault driver’s coverage.

car insurance policy limit

Helping Injured People Get Money Faster

Bill A3444 gives injury attorneys a better way to settle claims faster. Knowing how much money is available is part of the picture to get you a fair settlement.

New Jersey Injury Attorney

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