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New Types Of Dangerous Driving

For years I have seen the horrible consequences of negligent and dangerous drivers. There have always been dangerous drivers that speed, tailgate, and create other dangers on the road. But, are people’s dangerous driving habits getting worse?

Self-Driving Features

There are plenty of videos online of Tesla owners handing over full control of their vehicles to self-driving features. People are sleeping behind the wheel of their vehicle as it speeds on the highway. Other owners use the self-driving feature in neighborhoods, narrowly missing pedestrians at crosswalks. Tesla drivers aren’t the only offenders. As self-driving features become more mainstream with manufacturers, other vehicle owners are joining in on this dangerous behavior.

tesla self-driving dangers

Self-driving features on vehicles often require that the “driver” still pay attention and remain ready to retake control as needed. This would include any situation that puts the driver or anyone else in harm’s way.

Technology Addiction

Some people can’t put down their phone – even while doing something as important as driving. Social media, video streaming, and other forms of addiction to technology are real.

distracted driver texting while driving - New Jersey injury law firm

Any kind of addiction can be dangerous and harmful. People struggling with addiction may make bad decisions they wouldn’t make under normal circumstances. However, addiction does not excuse dangerous behavior.

School Bus Dangers

There has been a year-over-year increase in drivers behaving dangerously around school buses. This is especially troubling because of the small children involved. Drivers illegally pass stopped school buses as the bus picks up and drops off small children. More drivers are crashing into the back of school buses – hard enough to hurt the children inside.

school bus stop safety problems

Many school districts are installing cameras to catch drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses. The intention of these programs is to increase student safety as they go to and come home from school.

Weather-Related Vehicle Pile-Ups

Drivers are too distracted and in a hurry. This is never more evident than when we see the news of multi-vehicle pile-ups on the highway. While bad weather can play a role, drivers are responsible for adjusting their driving during bad weather. Bad drivers overestimate their ability to safely operate their vehicles in different weather conditions.

fog accidents

Dangerous driving habits of one or more drivers in bad weather can lead to huge vehicle pile-up crashes on the highway. Sadly, this kind of negligence can cause serious harm to so many people.

False Sense Of Security

Many drivers have a false sense of security. When drivers develop dangerous driving habits, it puts themselves and others at risk of harm. Vehicle safety features can increase passenger safety. But, safety features are intended to COMBINE with the driver’s awareness and skill.

Drivers Are Unprepared

When something unexpected happens on the road, drivers are unprepared to safely react and avoid a collision. They follow too closely, drive too fast, and aren’t focused on the task of driving safely. One small act of negligence on the road can lead to a lifetime of suffering for someone else.

An injury attorney can help people who are injured by dangerous drivers. While a driver may not have intended to hurt others, their negligence does in fact cause harm to others.

When To Contact An Injury Attorney

If you have been injured by someone else, talk to an attorney for advice. You may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim. A personal injury attorney at Kane & Silverman can help you understand your options with a free personal injury consultation. Contact us today!