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Norfolk Southern Train Derailment Lawsuit

The Norfolk Southern train derailment in February of 2023 was a massive man-made disaster. This disaster affects people living in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Are you eligible to join a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern for the East Palestine train derailment?

train derailment attorney

What Happened?

On February 3, 2023, a Norfolk Southern freight train was traveling through East Palestine, Ohio. The train was 149 cars and approximately 1.8 miles long. 11 of the cars contained hazardous materials. At this point, evidence shows there was a breakdown of some kind that caused 38 cars to derail.

Evidence Of Failure

Evidence shows a wheel bearing overheat failure shortly before the crash. Additional collected evidence shows several sensors on the bearings were reading well above the critical level. However, the train kept rolling and never stopped to perform a safety inspection. A simple safety inspection when sensors are showing there is a problem could have prevented all of this. Equally important, there was a failure in planning in case of a failure like this.

Hazardous Materials

While the Norfolk Southern train was transporting hazardous materials, the company was obviously unprepared for a possible derailment. This failure to plan was extremely negligent. As a result, many residents and businesses are fearful of how the harmful materials will affect their health, lives, and future.

norfolk southern derailment lawsuits

Evidence Of Negligence

The evidence also shows Norfolk Southern has been steadily ‘improving efficiency’ by creating longer trains with less staff. Norfolk Southern’s profits have increased 23% while staffing has shrunk 37%. Additionally, the company has steadily reduced the time spent on safety inspections. This decrease in safety and increase in profits shows Norfolk Southern prioritizes its own profits over the safety of people and other businesses.

Norfolk Southern Lawsuits

The train derailment on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border was a massive environmental catastrophe. Many people, residents, farms, and businesses were harmed by Norfolk Southern’s negligence. Currently, there are several types of possible claims against Norfolk Southern. We are working with other attorneys to build cases against Norfolk Southern.

train derailment negligence lawsuits

Possible Claims Against Norfolk Southern

It’s possible that a variety of claims could be successful against Norfolk Southern. The negligence of this company has affected people’s health, property values, farmland, and more. If you have been affected, it could be possible to file a claim against the company.

Contact An Attorney

If you believe you are affected by the Norfolk Southern derailment and hazardous materials contamination, talk to an attorney for help. The attorneys of Kane & Silverman can help you. Contact us today for a free consultation.