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Nursing Home COVID-19 Infection

As COVID-19 sweeps through the nation, many have fallen ill. Elderly people are at increased risk. The risk of a nursing home COVID-19 infection is real. Unfortunately, many have passed away as a result of infection. When is it possible to sue a Pennsylvania or New Jersey nursing home for negligence?

nursing home COVID-19 infection lawyer

Coronavirus Safety Measures

NJ and PA require social distancing along with a stay-at-home order. These safety measures reduce the risk of contracting an infection. Social distancing is being used in hopes to flatten the curve of the outbreak.

Stay At Home

For the elderly living in a nursing home, stay at home is the norm. But, every day the caretakers go home and to the store. These nursing caretakers are being exposed. This is especially troubling for those at increased risk. Caretakers may not show symptoms for several days or even weeks. By then, the entire nursing home could be infected.

COVID-19 Risk Increased For Elderly

For those living in retirement communities, there is increased worry of exposure. While many residents aren’t physically able to leave, the staff changes every shift. Care workers could possibly contaminate several patients. In many situations, patients share a room with one or several other patients.

nursing home coronavirus death liability lawsuit

The Spread Of Infection In Nursing Homes

States have been trying to stop the spread of infection through stay-at-home orders. But, when an infected staff or family member enters a nursing home it spreads COVID-19. Additionally, cross-contamination spreads the virus to surfaces and people.

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Elderly patient in memory care facility dies of COVID-19.

Four patients die and 31 test positive for coronavirus in Lancaster nursing home.

Nearly 25% of New Jersey nursing homes have residents infected with COVID-19.

Cross-Contamination In Nursing Homes

 Cross-contamination happens when a care worker touches an infected surface or person and then touches other surfaces or people. When nursing homes don’t enforce procedures to stop the spread of disease and infection, patients are at risk. If staff don’t follow protocol or don’t have protective equipment, patients are at risk.

Nursing Home COVID-19 Exposure

Essential workers and nursing home patients are the most exposed to the virus. The numbers of the infected continue to climb. Many nursing homes realized too late that they weren’t doing enough. Because symptoms take several days to appear, an infected person spreads the virus before they even know they are sick.

elderly covid-19 infection cases

Nursing Home COVID-19 Lawsuits

COVID-19 is a scary virus. Especially for the immunocompromised and elderly community, this can be devastating. If you have an elderly loved-one that was exposed or died as a result of negligence, talk to an experienced attorney.

Nursing Home Negligence Law Firm In New Jersey And Pennsylvania

The experienced attorneys at Kane & Silverman are here to help. If you have questions about a nursing home negligence claim in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, give us a call. 

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