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Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect After A Fall

In recent news, police charged a nurse (Christann Gainey) with involuntary manslaughter. She allegedly falsified records in the nursing home where she worked. She neglected to perform certain checks on a patient after he fell. The patient, H.R. McMaster Sr. died from head trauma after a fall. His son, H.R. McMaster Jr. was President Trump’s former security advisor. Nursing home neglect affects many older Americans, though it rarely makes headlines.

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Elderly Fall Injury

Elderly loved ones tend to fall more than when they were younger. As we age, we aren’t as agile as we once were. For the elderly, there is an increased risk of broken bones and brain injury. Many people consider nursing homes a safer option when considering the risks. Staff is available at all hours. This should equal increased safety.

Nursing Home Fall Injuries

When a person falls while in the care of a nursing home, there are procedures in place. These procedures work to ensure a patient is safe. Any injury in a nursing home should have a written procedure on how to care for the patient after the injury.

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Nursing Home Procedures

Nursing homes, like hospitals, have procedures in place for a variety of situations. Procedures define how to handle a situation to ensure the best care possible. Additionally, procedures help reduce mistakes. Nursing homes also keep records of injuries and the treatment each person receives.

Criminal Charges Against Gainey

In the case against Christann Gainey, prosecutors allege she falsified records. They claim she falsely recorded regular checks on the patient and McMaster was fine. Additionally, she recorded McMaster was fine after the time of death. It’s obvious this wasn’t true. McMaster Sr. died of the blunt-force trauma caused by his fall. His death was avoidable if anyone had done regular neurological checks on McMaster. If Gainey (or other staff) had performed proper checks or any checks at all, McMaster Sr. may still be alive today. Video evidence shows no staff performed any checks on McMaster.

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Nursing Home Procedures

When a nursing home procedure relies on only one person and paperwork, people get hurt. People die. We can’t help but call out the neglect in this procedure. This procedure failed Mr. McMaster Sr. Now more people will question how their loved one died. Why is only one nurse responsible for checking the well-being of an injured patient? How many others are victims of nursing home neglect?

Change Of Nursing Home Procedure

We can hope this unfortunate situation with Mr. McMaster Sr. teaches a lesson. We hope it will prompt nursing homes everywhere to review their procedures. Of course, lawyers like us exist to make sure nursing homes change their procedures to improve safety. Without consequences, nursing homes have no motivation to improve negligent conditions. We provide that motivation.

McMaster Sr. Nursing Home Death

McMaster Sr., like everyone else, is irreplaceable. His family paid good money for Cathedral Village to take care of him. Cathedral Village accepted that money and didn’t provide acceptable care. How many other stories out there are similar? How many other families grieve the loss of an elderly loved one because of neglect? Nursing home neglect and abuse are very real. The National Center on Elder Abuse lists some very eye-opening statistics on their website: NCEA.

Nursing Home Neglect Victims

If your loved one is injured while in a nursing home, they should be in good hands. If your loved-one suffers further injury because of nursing home neglect, contact a lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you. Call or text us anytime to get a free consultation. Get free answers to your questions and understand your legal options. Call or text us at 215-232-1000. Or, fill use our contact form to request a free nursing home abuse consultation with an attorney. Kane & Silverman has offices in Philadelphia and New Jersey.