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Overcome Liability Limits In New Jersey

Overcome Liability Limits In New Jersey

New Jersey offers only specific car insurance coverage. That coverage comes with liability limits. Often, it is difficult to overcome liability limits set by the state. But, is it possible to overcome liability limits for injuries from a car crash? Yes, in certain circumstances. Read this article and view the case study below to get a better understanding of how to overcome car insurance policy limits in New Jersey.

New Jersey car insurance coverage

Car Insurance Policies In New Jersey

The law requires every driver in New Jersey to have auto insurance coverage. It also defines the minimum and maximum coverage available. While there are some options available, there are two types of auto insurance policies available in New Jersey.

There are two types of policies that are offered:

Basic Policy

Standard Policy

new jersey car crash injury - how to overcome liability limits

Mandatory Coverage

The mandatory coverage that is legally required by New Jersey law allows two choices. Drivers in New Jersey choose either a Basic or Standard insurance policy.

Basic Policy

The legal minimum coverage is the Basic Policy. This includes a no-fault, limited right-to-sue. Unfortunately, basic coverage provides no bodily injury liability coverage. Bodily injury coverage is a separate option that costs extra. But, personal injury and property damage are only covered up to a certain amount. New Jersey recommends this policy to those with few responsibilities and few real assets.

The specifics of the Basic Policy include:

Lower cost. The Basic Policy costs less but offers less coverage and fewer options.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) of $15,000 per person, per crash. This allows coverage up to $250,000 for certain injuries.

This policy covers $5,000 for an uninvolved person’s damaged property.

Additionally, there is no uninsured/underinsured coverage under the Basic Policy. This leaves injured drivers and passengers responsible for their own medical expenses beyond the PIP coverage.

A Basic Policy without bodily injury coverage, the at-fault driver may have to pay those they hurt. There is a bit of personal financial risk involved with selecting the Basic Policy.

We do not recommend any drivers to choose the Basic Policy.

car insurance liability limits in New Jersey

Standard Policy

The Standard Policy offers better coverage. This better coverage comes with higher protection and higher premiums. The Standard policy includes a choice of either no-fault or traditional right-to-sue options.

The specifics of the Standard Policy include:

Property Damage Liability – Minimum $5,000 in property damage. Coverage options for $100,000 or more.

Bodily injury liability is included. A minimum of $15,000 in protection for any injured person involved in a crash, limited to $30,000 per accident. Maximum $250,000 per person, $500,000 per accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP). $15,000 PIP coverage with larger amounts available. This includes up to $250,000 for serious injuries. Persons involved in a crash are protected in the event of an injury. Certain injuries qualify for up to $250,000 of coverage regardless of policy limits.

Severe injuries can overcome liability limits imposed by the state.

Optional Coverages

Both Basic and Standard policies allow for extra coverage options. There are options to increase the protection coverage per policy:

Basic Policy Options

Some insurance companies offer comprehensive and collision coverage. This includes an extra $10,000 in bodily injury liability.

Standard Policy Options

The Standard Policy offers more options. Options include an increase in bodily injury and property damage limits. The limits consist of up to $250,000 per covered person and an additional $500,000 per crash for bodily injury. PIP limits have the ability to increase up to $250,000. Options include $100,000 to cover damaged property not belonging to the insurance holder.

Liability Limits

Americans spend over 1 million days in the hospital each year due to car crash injuries. The $15,000 liability limit may not always be enough to cover the extent of injuries and damages. In some cases, even $250,000 may not fully cover medical costs for injuries from a car crash.

New Jersey car insurance options - are you covered

Case Study: Ms. Kelley Mahan

A Bayville, New Jersey resident, Kelley Mahan, was in a three-car accident. She was the passenger in the at-fault car. Her arm was broken by the airbag. The insurance company offered her a mere $15,000 to cover the damages.

Mahan’s injuries far exceed the proposed settlement. She had needed multiple surgeries. Kelley also sustained a deformity and permanent loss of motion in her arm and hand. After obtaining professional representation, Mahan took her case to court. A jury awarded her over 80 times the initial offer. She walked away with $1.2 million dollars to compensate for her injuries and suffering.

New Jersey car insurance laws are out-of-date. Inadequate liability coverage limits leave people like Ms. Mahan in dire financial straits. $15,000 doesn’t buy as much medical treatment and care as it used to. Even $250,000 isn’t much when you have serious injuries. But, there is help and hope for those with severe injuries after a car crash.

Ms. Mahan was smart to seek out an injury lawyer. Her case demonstrates the ability to overcome liability coverage limits in New Jersey. But, she couldn’t have done it without her lawyer.

A professional lawyer can offer relief when you’re injured by a negligent driver. Severe injuries can overcome liability limits imposed by the state. A lawyer can help especially if the injuries are severe or permanent.

New Jersey Car Crash Injury Lawyers

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