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PA State Minimum Car Insurance Is Not Enough

There is a misconception about car insurance. Many believe having the minimum-required car insurance is enough. This is not the case! Pennsylvania state minimum car insurance is not going to cover a serious injury.

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Bare Minimum Car Insurance

Having state minimum car insurance is better than nothing in the event of a crash. We understand the temptation of not wanting to pay extra for something you may never use. But, the minimum is not going to protect you from the big expenses that follow any crash. The bare minimum covers just that: the bare minimum. Sometimes, it won’t even cover anything you need.

Insurance Coverage In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania requires all drivers to have insurance coverage. Here are important facts about Pennsylvania state minimum car insurance policies:

Does Not Cover Serious Injuries

You may be under the impression that having any insurance at all covers you if you experience a car accident. Bare minimum car insurance does not cover the costs of serious injuries. Sure, it will cover up to the policy limit. After that, you’re on your own.

pennsylvania car crash injury lawyer

Will Not Replace Your Car

If your car is totaled, does your insurance cover the cost to replace it? Comprehensive and collision coverages are optional under state minimum car insurance. Can you afford to replace your car?

You Still Have to Pay Out of Pocket

Anything your minimum auto insurance does not cover, you must pay out of pocket. Sure, there is always the deductible But, even minor car accidents can be quite costly. An ambulance ride and visit to the ER can wipe out a large chunk of available insurance coverage.

Your Insurance Covers You

In Pennsylvania, your car insurance policy covers you. If you’re hurt, this is the coverage that will pay your bills. Better car insurance coverage isn’t usually much more expensive.

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Recommended Pennsylvania Car Insurance Options

There are a variety of options for Pennsylvania auto insurance coverage. Check out these recommended coverages.

Additional Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage is simple. PIP pays for your medical expenses related to the crash. Your PIP will begin paying your crash-related medical bills right away. $5,000 is the PA state minimum coverage, but consider that it will probably only cover an ambulance ride to the ER. Having better PIP coverage is really smart.

Full Tort Coverage

Full coverage car insurance is not the same as full tort. Full tort allows the injured party to sue the negligent driver. Additionally, the injured person can seek compensation for pain and suffering. On limited tort, the injured is only compensated for actual expenses related to the crash.
The injured person does not bear the burden of proof of pain and suffering. Full tort allows the injured to claim payment for long-term pain and inconvenience.

minimum car insurance injury lawyer

Uninsured & Underinsured Coverage

A big mistake people make with insurance involves the uninsured and underinsured options. It’s illegal to drive without insurance in Pennsylvania. Yet, some people do it. If an uninsured driver hits you, your coverage is the only protection you have.
An underinsured driver has low levels of insurance coverage. If they injure you in a crash, their insurance covers up to their policy limit. After that, you pay out of your own pocket. But, underinsured coverage covers you after you reach the at-fault driver’s policy limit. This happens often in cars with multiple passengers.

Hire a Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney

Even if you have state minimum car insurance, an attorney may be able to get you more for your claim. Kane & Silverman is a Pennsylvania car accident and personal injury law firm. We help people get the money they deserve after a car crash. Our legal team is here to answer any questions you have.
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