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Small Plane Crash

Statistics show that flying is generally safer than driving. A small plane crash is not impossible. In fact, about 1,100 small aircraft crash each year in the United States. This… Read More

Nursing Home Drug Diversion Lawsuit

Nursing home drug diversion robs elderly people of much-needed medications. This can cause serious harm to patients that need the medication. Learn more.

Epidural Injury

Childbirth is a scary, painful, and usually magical moment for a woman. For many, pain management is an important part of the birthing process. Epidurals are a common form of… Read More

Hotel Sex Trafficking Lawsuits

In recent years, attorneys have had an impact in shutting down sex trafficking in hotels. This is possible in Pennsylvania with a civil lawsuit against the hotel on behalf of… Read More

Nurse Replaced Pain Medicine With Saline

Drug diversion in healthcare settings causes harm to patients. Learn how a fertility clinic nurse diverted fentanyl and replaced the stolen pain medication with saline.

Do I Need To Clear Snow Off My Car?

Every driver has a duty to operate their vehicle with reasonable care. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to spend time cleaning snow and ice off your vehicle in the… Read More

New Types Of Dangerous Driving

For years I have seen the horrible consequences of negligent and dangerous drivers. There have always been dangerous drivers that speed, tailgate, and create other dangers on the road. But,… Read More