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Party Rental Injury

Party rental products are very popular for big events. From weddings to birthday parties, many people find themselves looking to rental services for their party planning needs. This article covers the basics of party rental injury claims.

party rental product injury lawsuit

Products People Might Rent

There is a wide variety of products that people may rent for an event. Very popular products include chairs, tables, tents, and lighting. While these products are among the most popular, there are so many products available to rent. Rental products are a cost-effective way to put together a great event. 

Problems With Rental Products

In most cases, rental products are safe and dependable. But, some people may experience problems with rental products that cause harm. Rental companies have a duty to provide safe products to their customers.

wedding rental product injury

Regular Inspection And Maintenance

Rental companies are expected to inspect and repair rented products before each rental. When rented products are in poor condition, it can not only ruin a party but could also lead to serious injury. Anyone injured by rental products may have a valid claim for compensation.

Do I Have An Injury Case?

An injury caused by a rental product can be a complicated situation. There are some simple questions that can help determine if you have a valid claim.

  1. Was I physically injured?
  2. Did my injury require medical treatment?
  3. Was my injury caused by someone or something else?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the above questions, you may have a valid claim.

event rental injuries lawyer

Who Is Responsible?

If you have an injury, you might have trouble figuring out who is responsible. In situations with a rental product injury, there could be one or more entities responsible. An injury attorney can help you navigate your claim and get you the money you deserve.

Find A Lawyer Today

As discussed in this article, it is best to consult an injury attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve. At Kane & Silverman, we use our experience to help injured people get the money they deserve. Contact us for a free consultation with an injury attorney. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for you.