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Pennsylvania 5th in Dog Attack Injury

A survey of insurance companies found Pennsylvania ranks 5th in dog attacks in the United States. New Jersey ranks 9th. The same survey from Quote Wizard also found more interesting information related to dog attack injury claims.

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4.5 Million Dog Attacks Each Year

Dogs aren’t always friendly, and even a friendly dog can attack. According to, over 4.5 million dog attacks occur in the United States each year. About 800,000 dog attacks result in an injury that requires medical care by a doctor or urgent care facility.

Dog Attack Medical Expenses Rise

The same survey found a large increase in medical expenses related to dog attack claims. Medical expenses to treat a dog attack claim in PA have risen 27% since 2019.

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Average Dog Attack Injury Claim

There are about 800 dog attack injury claims in Pennsylvania each year. Nearly 500 dog attack injury claims are filed in New Jersey each year. This type of claim is typically paid by the dog owner’s insurance coverage. The average settlement for a dog attack injury in Pennsylvania is about $45,000. Average dog attack injury settlements in New Jersey are almost $50,000.

Severe Dog Attack Injuries

Many dog attacks are single bites. Some attacks are more serious and do severe harm. People with serious dog attack injuries should talk to an injury lawyer. What types of injuries are serious?

Serious dog attack injuries include:

  • stitches
  • scarring
  • ligament damage
  • nerve damage
  • amputation
  • disfigurement
  • loss or reduction of income/ability to work
  • wrongful death

Dog Attack Injury Claims

Dog attack injury claims can be difficult and complicated. Many times, a dog owner will not cooperate with the injured person. This can make your situation worse. People injured in a dog attack should talk to an injury lawyer for help.

mean dog attack injury

People that use a personal injury lawyer benefit from the experience the lawyer has. An injury lawyer can provide a higher final settlement and peace of mind.

Dog Attack Injury Lawyer

Kane & Silverman is a trusted personal injury law firm serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. If you have a dog attack injury, contact us for a free injury consultation with an attorney.