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Car Accident Results in $42 Million

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Finding a Philadelphia car accident lawyer isn’t hard, just look around at all the advertising. Not every lawyer is experienced to cover every angle in your case. You need an experienced and hard-working car accident lawyer. Below is a case from a Texas attorney who works just as hard as we do.

Recent Car Accident Case in Texas

When you purchase a newer used car, you expect a certain level of safety. A recent news story provides a cautionary tale when purchasing a car.
In 2013, Mr. & Mrs. Seebachan purchased a used Honda Fit. The dealership provided them with a clean vehicle history report.
Soon after, they were involved in an accident. A hydroplaning vehicle hit the front of their car, pinning them inside. Worse yet, their car started on fire.
Mr. and Mrs. Seebachan were injured in a car accident. They should have been able to walk away with minor injuries. Instead, an improper repair on their used 2010 Honda Fit caused them severe harm.
In December of 2013, Matthew and Marcia Seebachan were driving their 2010 Honda Fit. An oncoming pickup hydroplaned and lost control. The pickup hit them head-on. Matthew was pinned with the doors jammed shut. Then, the car caught fire. Matthew, unable to escape remembers the feeling of burning alive.

Finding the Right Car Accident Lawyer

Finding the right lawyer for your car accident case can be tricky. The Seebachans hired attorney Todd Tracy, a car accident lawyer to help them. He found the Seebachans should have been safe in this collision. What happened?
With proper research, Mr. Tracy discovered something curious about their Honda Fit. An unreported repair to the car may have caused greater harm in this accident. The Seebachans had no idea! There was nothing in the vehicle history report.

“Having someone tell us what we’ve been through matters. And it matters not just for us but it matters for other people.”

Untested Repair Method

Before purchasing the used Fit, the car had some hail damage repaired. The investigation revealed an adhesive attached to the repaired roof panel to the safety cage. This method went against the manufacturer requirements of welding the roof panel to the cage.
More investigation reveals the glue did not provide structural safety. The compromise to structural safety caused the roof to crumple and Matthew to become pinned. This also led to a breach in the fuel safety system as well.

car accident lawyer found adhesive used in roof repair

photo of improper repairs

Mr. Tracy explains the flimsy roof panel as similar to the cardboard back panel of a bookcase. The cardboard panel isn’t sturdy itself. It provides support to the entire structure as a whole. Gluing the roof panel in place provided no structural support. We love his explanation and comparison. Mr. Tracy makes this easy for anyone to understand.
After winning their case against the repair facility, the Seebachans have filed an additional suit against State Farm Insurance. The suit alleges the insurance company pressured the body repair shop to proceed with untested repairs.

$42 Million Award

The Seebachans have been through a lot. Matthew was in the hospital for nearly 3 years. He had fourth-degree burns and still has constant pain.
This case was awarded $42 million. This hardly compensates, but the Seebachans are relieved. The Seebachans find comfort in knowing what they’ve been through matters. The verdict, in this case, has provided them validation. Marcia says of the verdict: “Having someone tell us what we’ve been through matters. And it matters not just for us but it matters for other people.”
The lives of the Seebachans are changed forever and the money doesn’t change that.

Hoping to Bring Change

Matt and Marcia hope the results of this case encourage change. Matt says: “The victims are the ones at risk already and don’t even know it.”
It’s unfortunate Mr. Seebachan endured such injury. Cutting corners has real consequences.
We are grateful for their courage to stand up against those who put them in danger. Mr. Tracy did an excellent work as their car accident lawyer.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Not all car accident lawyers are the same. Here in Philadelphia, Kane & Silverman goes the extra mile to make sure we cover all aspects of your case. We understand what you’ve been through matters. Our team of legal experts works together to help you achieve the best possible outcome.
Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation. Call, text us at 215-232-1000. Or, fill out our online form and someone from our legal team will contact you.

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