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Philadelphia Car Crash Injury Lawyer

No one wants to be injured in a car crash. But, if you are, a car crash injury lawyer in Philadelphia can help. We know you have options when you are searching for a lawyer to help you. So, we put together this guide to help you with your search.

car crash injury lawyer in philadelphia

What Type Of Lawyer Do I Need?

If the car crash wasn’t your fault, you want to speak to a personal injury lawyer. There are many personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia. How do you choose one to help you?
If you were at fault your insurance will provide your defense, if necessary. But, when a faulty or defective car part caused the crash you need a product liability lawyer. Read more about Philadelphia product liability lawyers.

How Much Does A Car Crash Injury Lawyer Cost?

In Philadelphia, and all Pennsylvania, injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means the lawyer doesn’t get paid unless they win money for you.

Car Crash Injury Lawyers To Avoid

Choosing a Philadelphia car crash injury lawyer is a personal decision. You want a lawyer that will get you the most money. But, you also want a lawyer that is a good fit for you. Here are some types of car crash injury lawyers to avoid.

fast cash lawyers - car crash injury lawyers to avoid

1. The lawyer promises quick cash.

Avoid this kind of lawyer and law firm. Their goal is to settle with insurance as fasts as possible. Why is this bad? They don’t care about your injury or how much money it will cost for you to heal. This lawyer wants to make quick cash off your injury. Think of this law firm like fast food. It’s fast, the service isn’t great, and it’s probably bad for you.

2. Avoid the lawyer you haven’t met.

If you schedule a consultation, you should meet the lawyer that plans to handle your case. If you don’t meet the lawyer, he’s too busy for you. Some people might believe this is a good thing. Don’t be fooled. The lawyer who doesn’t have time to meet you doesn’t care about your situation.

3. Don’t hire an ambulance chaser.

You don’t want the lawyer that contacts you first after a car crash injury. This is what people mean when they call a lawyer an “ambulance chaser.” This kind of lawyer is already using unethical means to contact you. What do you think they will do with your case? This is not the kind of lawyer you want to represent your car crash injury claim.

jack-of-all-trades lawyers to avoid

4. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Avoid the lawyer that does everything. A lawyer that handles every type of situation is probably not your best option. But, a lawyer that focuses on personal injury cases will know how to handle your car crash injury case. Trust us, you don’t want a divorce lawyer handling your injury lawsuit.

5. Beware of the lawyer that can’t take your case to trial.

In most situations, insurance companies play hardball. Insurance doesn’t want to pay any more than they have to. Sometimes this means your injury case needs to go before a judge and jury. But, if you pick a lawyer that can’t handle taking your case to court you’ll end up getting less.

6. Stay away from TV lawyers.

Injury lawyers that advertise on TV sometimes aren’t lawyers at all. If you look closely at some TV ads, you’ll notice the “lawyers” are actually referral services. These companies sell your information to less-experienced injury lawyers.

7. Gimmick lawyers.

We’ve all seen the personal injury ads on TV. They all start with “do you or a loved one…” Then they end with some kind of gimmick, like an easy-to-remember phone number. Or, some gimmick lawyers just go over-the-top like this guy. They win people over with repetition or goofy antics. Most gimmick lawyers are like the fast food lawyers above. Avoid gimmicks.

How To Find The Best Philadelphia Injury Lawyer

Now you know what to avoid. Use this information to find the best Philadelphia car crash injury lawyer for you. Don’t be afraid to give us a call. Our friendly legal team is here to answer any questions you have. We’re here to help you.

Car Crash Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Kane & Silverman is a personal injury law firm with offices in Philadelphia and Marlton, New Jersey. We handle car accident injury cases for people just like you.
Call or text us anytime at 215-232-1000. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about your situation. Or, use our online contact form to schedule a free car crash injury consultation.