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Pothole Injury

Philadelphia and New Jersey Pothole Injury Law Firm

Potholes are popping up everywhere in Philadelphia and New Jersey. They damage cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Pedestrians are also at risk of pothole injury. A pothole injury or vehicle damage in Philadelphia or New Jersey might raise a lot of questions. Find out when a Philadelphia or New Jersey pothole injury attorney can help you. Let’s look at a couple scenarios.

Pothole Vehicle Damage

Large potholes are a major hazard for drivers. A pothole could cause damage to the underside or tires of a vehicle. Deeper or larger potholes can cause more damage.

dangerous potholes in Philadelphia cause pothole injury

Who pays for the Damage?

Pothole damage can be frustrating. To be sure, any smaller damage might be hard to recover compensation. Many people think there is nothing they can do. But, drivers with collision coverage should call their insurance agent. While you would still pay the deductible, collision insurance should cover repairs.

Accident Caused by a Pothole

There are many ways a pothole can contribute to an accident. A driver coming to a pothole may brake at the last second and be rear-ended by someone following too close. A motorcycle may lose control in a pothole and collide with another driver or parked car. A pothole may explode a tire, causing the driver to swerve.

When you have questions about a pothole injury, we can give you free legal advice.

Who pays for the Damage?

In cases where a pothole causes an accident, things get a little tricky. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, there are legal hurdles to overcome. Most times, accident damage will fall under a driver’s car insurance. But, there are times when the municipality, city, or state might be liable.

Who pays for Pothole Injuries?

An injury related to a vehicular accident caused by a pothole would also be tricky. When a pothole injury is caused by extreme negligence, a case is more likely to proceed. When a city is aware of a major pothole but doesn’t warn drivers, this is negligence. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, consulting an injury attorney would be helpful. We can help you determine where to seek damages in your situation.

Motorcycle Pothole Injury

Motorcycle accidents can cause major injuries. When a pothole causes you to lose control of your motorcycle life can change in an instant.
Who pays for Motorcycle Pothole Injuries?
In the case of a motorcycle pothole injury, it’s best to speak to an injury attorney. An experienced attorney will advise you on your legal options. With Kane & Silverman, we provide a free and confidential consultation.

bicycle pothole injury - dangerous bicycle lanes in Philadelphia

Bicycle Pothole Injury

Riding bicycle around the city can be hazardous. A bicyclist can get a severe injury from a pothole. Successful cases in other states have awarded millions to bicyclists with pothole injuries.

Who Pays for Bicycle Pothole Injuries?

Again, an experienced injury attorney can help. In cases where the rider has no insurance, the state has a program to help. If a municipality knew of the pothole, this proves negligence.

Philadelphia and New Jersey Pothole Injury Law Firm

There are no easy answers when it comes to a pothole injury or accident. Since each situation is different, so is the solution. Luckily, Philadelphia and New Jersey pothole injury attorneys at Kane & Silverman provide help. When you have questions about a pothole injury, we can give you free legal advice.
We offer a free, no-pressure consultation. Learn your legal options with no obligation. We never charge a fee unless we recover money for you. Contact us today.


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