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Prescription Drug Recall

The Facts About Prescription Drug Recalls

Over 4,500 prescription drugs are recalled each year. That is an alarming rate of potentially injurious situations for innocent patients. Learn more about prescription drug recall cases.

The Washington Post stated 3 out of every 5 Americans take at least one prescription medication. This puts the average American at a high risk of exposure to a recalled medication.

prescription drug recall lawsuits

Here are the facts you should know about prescription drug recalls:

What is a Prescription Recall?

A recall occurs is when the FDA requests for a product to be taken off public shelves. The product is either defective or harmful. Sometimes, a recalled prescription violates FDA guidelines.

Who Handles Recalls?

In some situations, manufacturers voluntarily recall their defective products. Many people believe the FDA is solely responsible for handling prescription drug recalls. However, the FDA requests the manufacturer to recall the medication. Rarely, the FDA can issue a mandatory recall.

Mandatory Prescription Drug Recall

If there is a high likelihood a prescription drug will cause injury, the FDA can enforce a mandatory recall. However, the product must pose a serious health threat to users for a mandatory recall.

How Recalls are Considered

Recalls can be considered in a variety of ways. Here are the most common factors the FDA looks for:

  • Injuries or diseases caused by product
  • Pre-existing conditions which contribute to injury
  • Severity of injury hazard
  • Level of risk posed to public
  • Long-term health injuries
fda medication recall lawyer

3 Recall Classifications

When recalling a product, there are 3 classifications.

Class 1

A Class 1 recall is the most severe classification. Class 1 denotes death or serious adverse effects can occur by using the product. Products can include life-saving prescription drugs or pacemakers.

Class 2

This is the most common classification of recalls. These products cause reversible or temporary injuries. Although they can still be serious in nature, they do not usually lead to permanent injury or death.

Class 3

Products that fall under the Class 3 category typically do not cause injuries. Class 3 recalls are products that violate FDA regulations.

Injured By Drug Before Recall?

When you take prescription drugs, there is an element of trust and safety. When these are violated by the manufacturer, negligence has occurred. If you’ve been injured by a prescription drug on recall you might be eligible for compensation.

unknown prescription side effects

Prescription Drug Recall Lawsuits

Manufacturers must follow proper protocols to ensure the safety of users. People harmed by defective prescriptions deserve compensation. Additionally, an experienced defective drug lawyer can help you in your case.

Prescription Drug Recall Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one have unknown side-effects from a prescription drug in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, please call us at 215-232-1000. We will listen to the details of your case and inform you if you have a claim to receive compensation.