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Problems With Accuretic

Pfizer, the manufacturer of Accuretic, has voluntarily recalled several lots of Accuretic. The prescription medication has elevated levels of a specific hazardous impurity. The recall was announced in early 2022 and happened only three days after the company recalled a different blood pressure medication.

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What Is Accuretic?

Accuretic is a prescription medication meant to treat high blood pressure. Many people with high blood pressure rely on prescription medications such as Accuretic to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Healthy blood pressure levels help patients reduce certain health risks.

While there are certain side effects that come with any prescription medication, the drug was considered low risk until the recent recalls. Common side effects of Accuretic include, but are not limited to, fatigue, muscle pain, dizziness, headache, and cough. More serious side effects include hives, swelling of the face, vision problems, and slurred speech. But, high-level contamination of nitrosamine can cause additional health issues.

Accuretic Recall

Certain lots of Accuretic are under recall for elevated levels of a cancer-causing impurity. This has been a concern for many popular medications in recent years. Similar impurities were discovered in Irbesartan, Zantac, and Metformin among others.

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Nitrosamine Contamination

Pfizer, the manufacturer of Accuretic, became aware of elevated levels of nitrosamine in several lots of Accuretic. Nitrosamines are organic compounds present in many common substances in extremely low levels. Low levels of nitrosamines can be found in water, meats, dairy products, and even vegetables.

While it is impossible to completely avoid nitrosamine exposure, it is important to keep your nitrosamine exposure as low as possible. So while exposure is unavoidable, it is important that the compound is not present in medications, especially at a toxic level. If nitrosamine contamination is unavoidable, Pfizer will have to include a warning about the increased cancer risk.

High Levels Of Nitrosamine

The affected lots have been recalled by Pfizer. High levels of exposure to nitrosamine is dangerous. Long-term exposure can lead to cancer.

What Do I Do If I Was Taking Accuretic?

Pfizer has issued a recall for the medication due to the elevated levels of nitrosamine. There is no need to panic if you were taking this medication. You should keep taking your prescription and talk to your doctor about alternatives if you are concerned.

While nitrosamine is a carcinogen that can negatively impact your health if exposed for long periods of time, short-term exposure has not been found to increase cancer risk. Officials recommend that patients continue using the medication until they discuss it with their prescribing doctor.

Long-Term Nitrosamine Exposure

Anyone taking Accuretic should work with their doctor to monitor their health. Long-term high-level nitrosamine exposure is linked to specific cancers. You and your doctor may want to conduct regular screenings to catch any problems as early as possible. When should you contact a dangerous drug attorney?

When To Contact An Attorney

If you or a loved one have cancer that is related to Accuretic use, contact an attorney. An experienced pharmaceutical injury attorney can investigate your claim and help you understand your options. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an injury attorney.

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