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Prolift Vaginal Mesh

Prolift Vaginal Mesh Implant Injury

A Philadelphia jury awarded $80 million to a woman in her case against Prolift maker, Ethicon. Patricia Mesigian was in pain and unable to continue a normal life. Her Prolift vaginal mesh eroded, leading to serious injury.

defective pelvic mesh injury

Mesh Implant Complications

Medical implants can have side effects. Products have warnings so people can make an informed decision about the risks. However, it causes a problem when a manufacturer knows about risks but doesn’t warn people. Obviously, the company doesn’t want to hurt their profits. They want the product to make money.

Putting Profits Over Public Safety

When a company fails to warn people about possible dangers in using their product, it puts people at risk. When you know about the risks of using a product, you can make an informed decision. You can decide for yourself if the risk is acceptable.

Failure To Warn Consumers

Ethicon did not warn people about certain dangers of their Prolift vaginal mesh. The company knew there were problems. But, they didn’t want to hurt their profits.

ethicon prolift vaginal mesh injury

Prolift Vaginal Mesh Injury

Patricia was in constant pain. Her pelvic mesh implant from 2008 eroded. This left her with infections, scar tissue, and pelvic pain. Intercourse is painful. Patricia’s quality of life changed for the rest of her life.

Successful Prolift Lawsuit

Mrs. Mesigian isn’t the only successful lawsuit against Prolift. In fact, a Philadelphia jury awarded $120 million to another woman in April 2019. Additionally, 8 lawsuits in Philadelphia recovered $346 million against Prolift maker, Ethicon.

philadelphia medical mesh injury lawyer

Vaginal Mesh Problems

Ethicon isn’t the only vaginal mesh maker with problems. And, this isn’t the first successful lawsuit against Prolift’s defective pelvic mesh. Almost every other vaginal mesh company has stopped making the product. And, the FDA rejected the two remaining vaginal mesh makers pending further data.

Prolift Vaginal Mesh Lawyer

Kane & Silverman has been helping people since 1990. Our sole focus is injury law. And, we help people injured by dangerous medical device implants. If you have any questions about an injury, we can help you understand your options.
Call or text our office anytime to speak to a member of our legal team. Reach us at 215-232-1000. Or, use our online contact form to schedule a free Prolift mesh injury consultation. Consultations are always free. We never charge you legal fees unless we recover money for you. We have offices in Philadelphia and New Jersey.