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Rental Equipment Injury

Renting equipment and tools should make your life easier, not harder. Being able to rent equipment can be convenient and cost-effective. But what happens when rental equipment causes you an injury? Who is responsible for your medical bills and other expenses?

Rental Equipment Safety

Consumers should feel safe when renting equipment and tools. Companies should be sure customers rent the right equipment for the task and have the proper training to use it. However, rental companies do not always care about safety.

rental equipment injury lawyer

Common Types of Rental Equipment

There is a plethora of equipment for rent. Some of the most common rental equipment includes:

  • backhoe
  • excavator
  • lawn mower
  • tractor
  • chainsaw
  • stump grinder
  • wood chipper
  • trencher
  • auger
  • concrete saw
  • jackhammer
  • rug cleaner
  • floor buffer
  • and more

Do I Have A Lawsuit?

When rental equipment causes an injury, you may have a lawsuit. The details of your situation will help establish liability. If you are injured while using rental equipment, don’t assume you are to blame. Talk to an injury lawyer for free advice.

Common Injuries From Rental Equipment

There are many kinds of injuries that can happen on rental equipment. The most common include:

  • head injury
  • neck injury
  • spinal injury
  • broken bones
  • skin lacerations
  • electrical burns
  • electrical shock
  • severed limbs/amputations
  • paralysis
  • death

Severe Injuries And Wrongful Death

Rental equipment can cause severe injuries—even death. If they are not properly maintained or the directions are inadequate, injuries can occur.

product liability lawsuits

Product Liability

If someone is injured on faulty rental equipment, product liability may come into play. There are 3 types of product liability:

  • manufacturer defect
  • design defect
  • failure to provide adequate warning

Defective Product Or Rental Company Liability?

If any of the above occurs and the user is injured, product liability may have occurred. You may have a valid claim against the rental company and the product manufacturer. An experienced personal injury attorney can handle your claim and help you decide the best course of action against each party involved.

Improper Rental Equipment

A common occurrence in rental equipment injuries is from renting the wrong equipment. A lawsuit was won by a man who was provided the wrong type of rental lawnmower. He trusted the expertise of the rental company to help him select the right mower for his lawn. The result? He suffered a permanent injury.

Rental Equipment Responsibility

Harold Getting went to Marks Sales and Leasing in Williamsport, PA. The sales representative assured Mr. Getting the mower was suited for his property. Even at delivery to his property, the company told Mr. Getting the mower would be great for his needs, despite the steep slopes.

While mowing, the riding mower became unstable on the hilly terrain of Mr. Getting’s property. As a result, Mr. Getting’s foot was pinned beneath the machine. Harold Getting lost part of his toe and foot. Now, he uses a cane and suffers constant pain.

rental equipment injury lawsuit

Adequate Instructions and Warnings

Rental companies must provide proper instructions so the renter is prepared to use the equipment. Failure to educate the renter can result in a life-changing injury. 

Rental businesses have a duty of reasonable care to provide accurate warnings. Not following this procedure can result in a failure to warn claim.

personal injury claims attorney

Who is Liable?

If you were injured on a piece of rental equipment, who is liable? When the equipment was not properly maintained, upgraded, and cared for, the rental company can be held liable. If the equipment is faulty or defective, the equipment rental company can be responsible for the resulting injuries. The product manufacturer could also share some blame.

It is the responsibility of the rental business to ensure all equipment is safe and hazard-free. Repairs and safety inspections must be conducted every time before the equipment is rented. 

Do You Have a Claim?

Were you injured using rental equipment? It depends on the situation. Contact an accident lawyer today to discuss the details of your claim.

A personal injury attorney will assess the details of your claim and fight for your rights to compensation. Contact us to discuss your claim in a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.