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Revlon Cancer Claims

Revlon is being sued by Laura McDaniel for allegedly knowingly using talcum powder tainted with dangerous levels of asbestos. Mrs. McDaniel’s Revlon cancer claim seeks to link her mesothelioma diagnosis to the beauty product manufacturer. Her case claims Revlon did not stop using the toxic mineral powder regardless of knowing the risks involved.

Revlon Asbestos Cancer

The plaintiff’s father worked at Revlon. Mrs. McDaniel believes her father was exposed to large amounts of asbestos-contaminated talc at work. He then exposed his family at home through his work clothes. The contamination that Laura’s father faced put his entire family at risk for cancer and other harmful diseases.

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Mesothelioma Diagnosis

In January 2020, Laura McDaniel was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Laura believes her diagnosis is a direct result of the asbestos-laced talcum powder, Jean Nate. The same powder that her father was exposed to every day working at Revlon. Mrs. McDaniel filed the lawsuit against Revlon in February of 2020.

Revlon Cancer Lawsuit

Laura McDaniel seeks $20 million in compensatory damages as well as $40 million in punitive damages. Additionally, Laura’s husband, Edward, seeks $5 million for emotional and mental damages. The lawsuit is still pending, and the plaintiffs have not received any compensation.

Revlon Mesothelioma Lawsuits

As of April 2018, juries awarded sufferers of mesothelioma more than $153 million in talcum powder claims. Though the McDaniel family is not through with their lawsuit yet, based on previous cases it looks as if they will be awarded a hefty compensation.

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Revlon and Talc

There were many products under the Revlon brand that contained talcum powder. Laura specifically cites the Jean Nate Silkening Body Powder in the lawsuit. The product was introduced in 1935 and has since been discontinued. Revlon continues to use talcum powder in their products following the lawsuit. They claim that all of the talc used in their products is guaranteed asbestos-free.

Talcum Powder Usage In Cosmetics

Cosmetics and self-care products have used talcum powder since ancient times. Talcum powder was first commercialized in 1894 by Johnson and Johnson. The powder is made from the mineral talc, which occurs near asbestos.

Asbestos Contamination

Asbestos is a carcinogenic mineral known to cause cancers, mesothelioma, and other diseases. Talcum powder itself is not toxic. However, due to the proximity of the two minerals, contamination from asbestos often occurs. This contamination pollutes talcum products with the carcinogenic toxicity of asbestos.

Talc in Many Products

Talcum powder, since commercialized in 1894 has appeared in many cosmetic and hygiene products. This includes facial powders, foundations, eyeshadows, mascara, baby powder and more.

Science Links Talc to Cancer

Researchers in the 1970s were the first to suggest that using talcum powder in the genital region could have a connection to ovarian tumors. As time went on, researchers found even more connections between using talcum powder and developing specific types of cancer. Johnson and Johnson denied the toxicity of their talcum powder products.

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Johnson and Johnson Lawsuits

Johnson and Johnson took no action. It was not until 2009 that the company faced its first lawsuit regarding the toxicity of its products. Evidence surfaced in court that Johnson & Johnson was aware of asbestos in its products but sold them anyway.

Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson have continued. It was not until May of 2020 that the company announced they would stop using talcum in their baby powder. This was a big step in the right direction in abolishing this ingredient in products. Still, not every manufacturer has removed talc from their products.

Age of Accountability

Cosmetic companies and large corporations should take this case as a sign of accountability. Johnson and Johnson took decades to make changes to protect consumers. The company is lucky that it did not go bankrupt regardless of the successful claims against it. Not every company will be as lucky.

Profits Over Health and Safety

If Revlon is smart, they will take progressive action immediately. Jean Nate is no longer available, but other Revlon products still use talc powder. Consumers are more aware than ever before about the products they use every day and how they may affect their health in the short and long term.

Cancer as a Result of Asbestos-Contaminated Talc

Talk to an attorney if you or a loved one have cancer or mesothelioma related to talc powder products. An experienced product liability lawyer can help you get the money you need for treatment and care.

Product Liability

Make sure you look at the products you are using and identify any harmful ingredients. If you find the products you are using are the cause of your illness, you may qualify for compensation. This specialty area of the law is Product Liability.

Philadelphia Revlon Cancer Lawyer

Reach out to a lawyer to find out what your next steps are. At Kane and Silverman we are here for you. Call us for a free consultation. You never pay us anything unless we recover money for you.