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SEPTA Bus Injury

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, or SEPTA, is a safe mass transit way for the people of Pennsylvania to travel. Or is it? Any vehicle can be involved in a crash. If you have a SEPTA bus injury, what should you do?

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SEPTA Bus Collisions

Action 6 News looked at FTA collision reports for SEPTA drivers in the past 4 years and compared them to cities like Houston and Chicago. For every 100,000 miles driven by a SEPTA bus, there is a collision.

But, is a collision every 100,000 miles good or bad? We tend to believe all collisions are bad. When compared to similar cities, SEPTA has a high rate of collisions. Chicago public transit has an average of 1 collision per 2.4 million miles driven. Houston public transportation has an average of 1 collision per 1.2 million miles.

septa bus injury lawsuits

Time Limit For Claims Against SEPTA

There is a time limit for injury claims in Pennsylvania. For most injuries, the time limit to file a claim is 2 years. But, the time is shorter for claims involving a government entity. This makes it very important to talk to an attorney as quickly as possible after an injury.

Limit On Injury Compensation

To add insult to injury, there is a cap on compensation for people injured by a government entity. In Pennsylvania, injury claims against government entities are capped at $250,000.

septa injury lawsuits

Here is everything you need to know about SEPTA bus accidents and injuries:

Common SEPTA Bus Injuries

According to Accident Data Center, there are 55,000 public transportation bus accidents in the US each year. The injuries can range from minor to severe and can include:

  • lacerations
  • broken bones
  • head and brain injuries
  • paralyzation
  • death

Is SEPTA Safer Than A Car?

It is typically safer to ride in a bus versus a car. But SEPTA busses have a higher collision rate than most public transportation. Since SEPTA busses do not offer seatbelts, injuries are very likely in the event of a major bus collision.

Negligent SEPTA Drivers

Beyond being injured on the bus…what about pedestrians? According to reports, over a 4-year period, over 420 SEPTA bus drivers were fired due to negligence on the job. 46 were charged with collisions involving pedestrians.

SEPTA Driver negligence can include:

  • erratic driving/lane switching
  • distracted driving
  • excessive speed
  • cutting corners
  • fatigue/drowsy driving
  • driving in bicycle lanes
  • and more
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SEPTA Bus Injures Pedestrian

One woman was hit by a SEPTA bus taking a sharp turn. She now has a prosthetic leg and her life has been altered forever. She was an innocent passerby, now she has a lawsuit against SEPTA for negligence and safety issues. But there is a limit to how much money she could recover for her injury.

SEPTA Safety Concerns

SEPTA is responsible for many bus accidents in the local area at the hands of its bus drivers. This has caused concerns regarding the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. What steps will SEPTA take to improve safety? The sad truth is there is no motivation to force SEPTA to be safer.

Immunity Caps Injury Claims

Why is there a limit to how much an injured person can recover in a SEPTA injury claim? Injury claims against SEPTA are capped at $250,000. SEPTA is protected under government immunity. This means the most anyone injured by SEPTA can recover is limited to a specific amount.

government entity injury claim limits

Shorter Statute Of Limitations

In addition, there is a short time limit to file a claim. A strict 6-month limit to notify SEPTA you intend to sue must be followed. Although you have the standard 2-year statute of limitations to file a lawsuit, if you do not notify SEPTA of your intent to sue, your lawsuit will be dismissed.

No Incentive For Safety

Immunity, claim caps, and short time limits make it harder for an injured person to have a successful claim. This immunity cap does not provide a reason to change and improve safety standards. This is not acceptable. 

Who’s Responsible?

SEPTA is responsible for properly training and enforcing safety rules for their bus drivers. If any driver is negligent, SEPTA is financially responsible for the injuries.

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Injured People Deserve Compensation

Passengers and pedestrians have the right to be protected and delivered safely. Anything other than maintaining a superb safety record is negligence. People injured by SEPTA busses deserve compensation.

When To Talk To A SEPTA Injury Lawyer 

If you or someone you love was injured by a SEPTA bus, talk to an experienced SEPTA injury lawyer. At Kane & Silverman, we help people with SEPTA injury claims. Contact us today for a free consultation with an attorney. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for you.