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SEPTA Transportation Injuries

SEPTA transportation is the main form of transportation for many people in the Philadelphia area. Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania, SEPTA serves over 223 million riders each year. SEPTA has over 190 different lines and 290 stations across Southeastern Pennsylvania.

As a large transportation company, SEPTA is relied upon by many for daily commutes. Whether you are taking a bus or train, your life is in SEPTA’s hands. When you choose public transportation as your main form of transportation you expect to get to your destination safely. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 

septa bus injury lawsuits

SEPTA Injury Frequency 

Between the years 2016 and 2019, over 14,000 crashes occurred on SEPTA buses. That comes out to be over 9 crashes every day. While that does not sound like an insanely high number given the volume of SEPTA buses on the roads, it is not a good track record. Those numbers come out to an accident every 100,000 miles driven. Again, that number may not sound terrible. However, much larger cities than Philadelphia handle larger volumes of public transportation with fewer incidents.

Who Is Liable When SEPTA Injuries Happen?

If you are injured while using SEPTA services, it’s possible SEPTA is financially responsible for your medical treatment. But, SEPTA is a government entity, the claims process is a little complicated and sometimes confusing. 

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Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act

Typically when a claim is filed the liable party is responsible for damages. Every situation is unique, but the claims process is different when a government entity is involved. This is because government entities have limited liability under the Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act. The Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act is a concept that has remained a part of our government since our severance from British rule. 

Government Exemption

The Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act is based on the idea that the government is exempt from wrongdoings. However, until The Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act is revoked, SEPTA will be granted limited liability in the case of an accident.

SEPTA Limited Liability

The limited liability SEPTA is granted states that SEPTA is only liable when accidents were caused by negligence, while a vehicle is in operation. Therefore, even if SEPTA was negligent, it does not matter if the vehicle was not in operation.

This limited liability may not seem fair, but what is worse is the caps on damages. Under immunity law, SEPTA may only be responsible for damages up to $250,000 per injured person, or $1 million per accident in total. This is unfair as damages may exceed these amounts, and the passengers may not be fully compensated. The caps are unfair and do not protect people who choose SEPTA as their source of transportation.  

What To Do In Case Of A SEPTA Accident

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident as a passenger of SEPTA, you may be entitled to compensation. Despite The Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity Act granting SEPTA limited liability, they may still owe you for damages. Talk to an experienced lawyer to figure out your next steps. At Kane and Silverman, we want to get you the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today for a free injury consultation.