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Silicosis – Manufactured Countertop Cancer

Employees of countertop manufacturing companies are becoming ill. Workers have terminal lung cancer called silicosis. Some have died from this cancer. What is causing this manufactured countertop cancer? Who is at risk? When should you talk to an attorney?

manufactured countertop cancer - silicosis

Manufactured Stone Countertops

The new granite countertop lookalikes on the market today are nice. But, products used to make them are causing manufactured countertop cancer. These counters appear to be granite. Yet, these countertops are made from pieces of stone melded together with resin. 

Silica Resin

Manufactured countertops aren’t hazardous on their own. But, the silica dust is incredibly dangerous to inhale when cut, smoothed, or polished. It has led to many health problems for people that work with these countertops. Inhaling silica particles and dust causes silicosis.


The majority of workers are unaware of the risks of manufactured countertop cancer. When manufacturers process the countertop material it releases harmful dust. When inhaled, the dust can cause lung cancer. This manufactured countertop cancer is silicosis. Find out what WebMD says about silicosis.

When Silicosis occurs, the lungs become inflamed. The dust creates scar tissue in the lungs. The sufferer will slowly suffocate to death unless they receive treatment in time. Aside from a lung transplant, there is no known cure for silicosis.

Silicosis Symptoms

Silicosis symptoms vary and often seem flu-like. Fever, trouble breathing, and phlegm are common symptoms. But symptoms may not appear for years. Additionally, some people don’t have symptoms until it is too late.

silicosis chest x-ray

Health Crises

As more cases enter the system, health concerns continue to emerge. More and more employees are becoming ill and developing manufactured countertop cancer. 

One reported victim is on oxygen for at least 6 hours a day. He is awaiting a double lung transplant. Many workers have died from cancer they developed after exposure to the resin dust.

Worker’s Compensation

Pennsylvania requires most employers to provide worker’s compensation. The same is true in New Jersey. This coverage pays medical expenses and lost wages for work-related injuries or illness. Worker’s compensation usually protects employers from injury lawsuits. But, there are exceptions.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey silicosis lawyer

Suing Your Employer

Legal cases may still arise if the employer does not offer worker’s compensation. Or, if the employer is being severely negligent or behaving inappropriately. OSHA requires employers to provide protective equipment for employees. 

There are situations when an employee can sue their employer. Several manufactured countertop cancer cases are in the court system with more to follow.

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, it is difficult to sue an employer. But it is possible. Speak to a worker’s compensation lawyer about your options.

Know Your Rights

If you or a loved one has suffered from exposure to harmful silica dust, you may have a case. Your employer’s worker’s compensation should pay for the following:

medical bills
funeral expenses
all related expenses
loss of wages
potential loss of income
potential future expenses

Free Legal Advice

It is best to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. At Kane & Silverman, we are reputable injury attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey who fight for you. You deserve maximum compensation for your experience.

If the employer is negligent, we will hold them accountable. You must act fast due to the statute of limitations that may be in place in your case. The statute of limitations is a time limit to file a suit from the date of the injury.

You deserve compensation for your suffering. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. All consultations are confidential. Your employer won’t know you spoke to us until we file a lawsuit on your behalf.