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Six Flags Injury

Heading to an amusement park is a favorite summer activity for so many people. Nothing represents summer like a massive wave pool and loop-dee-loop rollercoaster rides. But a wave of unsafe ride shutdowns has us concerned about Six Flags injury claims.

log flume ride injury lawyer

Six Flags Safety Concerns

Most theme parks are safe. However, injuries can occur both on rides and on the property due to negligence. When theme parks, like Six Flags, neglect regular safety checks it can lead to injury.

The log flume at Six Flags in New Jersey was shut down after riders were injured. Within a six-week timeframe, 4 rides were shut down at the same theme park.

Six Flags Horror

The log flume is usually a pretty tame ride when compared to roller coasters. In June 2021, a video recording shows a family enjoying the log flume ride at Six Flags in New Jersey. However, viewers can clearly see a side railing jutting out of place at the bottom of the tall drop. The log flume cart hits the damaged railing, jolting the riders.

Log Flume Injury

Soon after the video ends, this same damaged railing injures several people on the ride. The ride was shut down shortly after until repairs could be made. But, if Six Flags kept up with maintenance and safety checks this wouldn’t have happened. 

broken log flume ride

Premises Liability and Negligence

Since the riders were injured on Six Flags’ property, negligence and premises liability come into question. All theme parks have a reasonable duty of care to keep their visitors safe. Did Six Flags neglect their duty to inspect and maintain this ride?

In this case, the injured party is an “invitee” in the eyes of the law; therefore, has permission to be on the property. Furthermore, the NJ law states: 

“Only to the invitee or business guest does a landowner owe a duty of reasonable care to guard against any dangerous conditions on his or her property that the owner either knows about or should have discovered. That standard of care encompasses the duty to conduct a reasonable inspection to discover latent dangerous conditions.” 

premises liability expert

Six Flags Responsibilities

Six Flags and all theme parks are financially responsible for injuries resulting from poor safety and maintenance. Here are some examples of how poor safety and improper maintenance lead to injuries at theme parks:

  • falling debris/lack of safety netting
  • loose safety restraints
  • loose railing
  • damaged rides
  • improper ride maintenance
  • lack of safety checks
new jersey personal injury law firm

Liability Claims

When an invitee is injured on the property, the property owner and business may be responsible based on premises liability. It is the responsibility of the business and property owner(s) to properly inspect and maintain the rides, equipment, and property. Theme parks must complete safety inspections regularly.

Neglect leads to dangerous conditions and injuries. It’s possible to sue the theme park for its role in the injury.

Do You Have a Case?

Were you injured at a Six Flags or another theme park? If so, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you. Talk to a personal injury lawyer for a free injury claim evaluation. Learn about your options and how much your claim might be worth.