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Ski Lift Injury Lawsuit

Skiing can be exhilarating! Most skiers understand and accept there is a certain amount of risk of injury with the sport. Are there situations when you can file a lawsuit against a ski resort?

In this article, we look at an injury at a ski resort in Pennsylvania. If you have been injured at a ski resort, talk to a personal injury attorney.

ski resort injury attorney

Family Injured On Ski Lift

Camelback Resort is under fire after a family suffered severe injuries. A father and two children fell 20 feet when their seat detached from the ski lift. The mother with the couple’s two other children watched helplessly from a few seats behind.

Ski Lift Negligence

The ski lift was shaking and swinging violently before the incident. However, staff continued to operate the lift. This negligence put everyone riding the lift in danger. Obviously, people were hurt as a result.

Despite having knowledge the ride was shaking wildly, the resort continued to operate – and even encouraged patrons to ride – the lift. This was a blatant disregard of safety in order to keep the business open.

pennsylvania ski resort injury attorney

Serious Injuries

After multiple surgeries, the father is still paralyzed and likely will be for the rest of his life. In addition, the two children suffered severe injuries which will require ongoing care for the rest of their lives. The father is no longer able to earn the same income as before his injury.

Product and Premises Liability

Three legal concepts come into play in this case:

Product Liability

Product liability, in this situation, refers to the ski lift itself. The entire lift ride must be safe in design. If a defect in the ski lift itself caused or contributed to this injury, the manufacturer could be held responsible.

Premises Liability

Premises liability is in regard to the accident occurring on the resort property. The resort property is responsible for the maintenance and safe operation of the ski lift. Therefore, the resort may be held accountable for the injuries.

ski lift injury liability


There might be other parties involved in this kind of situation. A service provider related to the safe operation of the ski lift may be responsible. If an outside company maintained the ski lift, it may be found negligent. A deficient ski lift inspection may also be grounds for a negligence claim.

What Can Those Injured Sue For?

There is no amount of money that can make the injuries go away. In an injury lawsuit, the money is often needed as compensation for current or future financial losses. This includes:

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • potential future loss of wages
  • future treatment and care
  • loss of quality of life
  • pain and suffering

Lifelong Injuries

The rehabilitation for the father and children is expected to last the rest of their lives. Who should be financially responsible for their injuries?

Camelback Resort and other parties involved may have to pay for the harm caused by this incident. Additionally, claims like this usually require the injured person/people to file a lawsuit to recover the money they deserve.

ski lift injury claims

Ski Lift Injury Lawsuit

In this case, multiple parties are being sued for their negligence. The injured family members are suing for compensation for medical care and lost wages for the duration of their lives. In addition, the lawsuit seeks compensation for other factors related to the injuries. This is more than reasonable considering the injuries each family member sustained.

What To Expect In A Ski Lift Injury Lawsuit

If you have a ski lift injury, talk to an injury lawyer for help. Injury claims take time to investigate and gather evidence. An injury claim can take a few months to several years. But, there is a time limit to filing an injury claim.

Kane & Silverman Injury Law Firm

When you have questions about an injury claim, contact Kane & Silverman. We have been helping injured people since 1990. Contact us today for a free consultation with an injury attorney.