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Space Debris – The Sky Is Falling

Space Debris Possible Easter Weekend

This weekend, Pennsylvania residents have a lot going on. Easter happens on Sunday. Sunday is also April Fool’s Day. Additionally, there may be a Chinese space station falling in your backyard. It’s like some kind of wacky trifecta! As we run for cover, here are some details on the possible space debris this weekend.

space debris could fall to earth Easter weekend 2018

Is This An April Fool’s Joke?

First, we want to be clear this is no April Fool’s joke. We understand this to be an actual and probable event. To be sure, this is a very rare event. There are several websites tracking the space station and its path.

Tiangong-1 Reentry

The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 should reenter earth’s atmosphere this weekend (Easter 2018). At some point, its travel path will decay to a point where it will no longer orbit in space. At that time, the descent will happen rather fast. You can read more about the reentry here.

space debris like Tiangong-1

Track Tiangong-1 In Real Time

There is at least one website updating with the current position of Tiangong-1. You can view where Tiangong-1 on this website.

What If Tiangong-1 Injures Someone?

It’s very rare that space debris will actually hit a person or house. If it does, there is an international liability convention in place. This convention launched in 1967 as part of space law. Laws that govern the use and exploration of outer space. It mentions who is liable for damages, death or loss. Read more about the international liability convention.

Watching Tiangong-1

Some Pennsylvania residents may be able to see Tiangong-1 falling. Use the tracking website mentioned above for information. You will find when and where it will travel. If conditions are right, you could see it streak across the sky in your area. You have a better chance of seeing it at night.

Space Debris Injury

It is unlikely anyone will be injured or killed by the falling debris. Chances are higher that you would win the lottery or get bit by a shark. There is only one documented case of a person hit by space debris and she had no injury. Lottie Williams was struck in the shoulder but did not get hurt. The piece of space junk was so light and flying so slow it did no damage.
A space debris injury or death would be terrible. It might seem like a random act, but don’t give up hope. Your case would be extremely rare. But there is legal help for space debris injury victims. We are your trusted injury lawyer in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Call us with any questions about your injury. We offer free and confidential consultations. Our phone number is 215-232-1000. Or fill out our online contact form and a member of our legal team will contact you.