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Swimming Pool Injury

Swimming Pool Injury

Summer is almost here. Public and private pools are opening. Many of us will go on some type of summer vacation. You might rent a house or stay in a hotel with a pool. Unsafe conditions may turn your summer into a nightmare. If you’re injured or a loved one dies while using a pool, you should speak to a swimming pool injury lawyer.

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Swimming Pool Injury At A Private Home

Homes with pools are very popular over the summer months. Pool owners owe a certain amount of safety to their guests. An adequate amount of safety is rarely provided. When a private pool has unsafe conditions, people get hurt or die. Improper repairs, broken parts, and slippery conditions can cause an injury or worse. Private pools can cause a greater danger. The homeowner may not keep up with repairs and proper pool maintenance. All these factors contribute to swimming pool injuries at a private home.

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Swimming Pool Injury At A Public Pool

Public pools generally have a different set of safety hazards. Under-staffing lifeguards may not provide proper coverage for those in the pool. Slip and fall hazards go unnoticed. Broken exit ladders can cause injury. Diving boards might be slippery. Larger pools have larger filter systems. Swimmers can become trapped by large suction systems. These are some of the dangers present in a public pool.

Common Swimming Pool Hazards

Slip and Fall – Wet conditions create a constant risk of slip and fall injuries. Slip and falls can cause broken bones, head injury, and more.
Diving Injury – Diving in water that is too shallow can lead to serious injury. Head injury, spinal injury, and broken bone injuries can occur in shallow water.
Drowning – A person can drown in as little as 2 inches of water. Inadequate supervision can increase the chances of drowning. Lack of warnings and proper safety equipment can also add to drowning risk.
Faulty Products – Defectively designed or manufactured products are a danger to swimmers. Inflatable pool toys may trap a swimmer underwater. Unsafe drains and jets can trap or injure a person.

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Who Is Responsible For Swimming Pool Injury Or Death

When an unsafe product causes an injury or death, the manufacturer is responsible. This is also true for faulty products. Unsafe property conditions are usually the fault of the property owner. Property owners have insurance to cover any liability for injury or death.

Suing Someone You Know

When a swimming pool injury happens at a family member or friend’s house, you might feel conflicted. How can you sue family or a friend? What would this do to the relationship? We’ve worked with a lot of people over the years. This is always a personal decision that requires some thought and discussion. Here is our view when it comes to larger claims. Your friend shouldn’t want you to pay the medical bills on your own. But, you are not suing your friend or family member. You are making a claim against their insurance coverage. This is the exact reason they have insurance. Discussing the situation with the friend or family member can be a good idea, but talk to a lawyer first. Understand how to discuss the situation without giving up your rights.

When To Call A Swimming Pool Injury Lawyer

Swimming pool injury claims are complex and involve a lot of factors. When an injury happens, even at a friend’s house, you should call a swimming pool injury lawyer. Discuss your case and learn what your options are. An injury attorney from Kane & Silverman can give you a free and confidential advice. Understand your options and risks before you speak to anyone else.

Swimming Pool Injury Law Firm

Find out more about swimming pool accidents here. The swimming pool injury attorneys at Kane & Silverman can help you. We have offices in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Call or text us at 215-232-1000 to speak with a lawyer today. Or, fill out our online form and a member of our legal team will contact you to set up an appointment.