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Illegal Pass Crash Injury Lawsuit

When drivers attempt to make an illegal pass, it puts others at risk. When people are harmed by the negligent act of another driver they may be entitled to compensation.

Intentional Harm

When people are hurt by the intentional act of a driver, can a personal injury attorney help? Learn more about how insurance handles intentional harm caused by another.

Do I Need To Clear Snow Off My Car?

Every driver has a duty to operate their vehicle with reasonable care. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to spend time cleaning snow and ice off your vehicle in the… Read More

New Types Of Dangerous Driving

For years I have seen the horrible consequences of negligent and dangerous drivers. There have always been dangerous drivers that speed, tailgate, and create other dangers on the road. But,… Read More

Dangers Of One-Pedal Driving

As electric vehicles become more popular, manufacturers rush to capture sales. Vehicle manufacturers implement new features that don’t always consider safety. One such feature we would like to highlight is… Read More

School Bus Cameras In Pennsylvania

external cameras on Pennsylvania school buses catch drivers illegally passing stopped buses. School bus cameras are part of an effort to increase student safety.