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Tepezza Hearing Problems

When diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) or Grave’s Disease, doctors may recommend Tepezza infusion for treatment. But patients receiving infusion treatments may experience Tepezza hearing problems. In this article we discuss Tepezza, hearing problems associated with Tepezza, and when you should contact an attorney.

tepezza linked to permanent hearing problems

Tepezza (Teprotumumab)

Tepezza is the first FDA-approved treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease. Tepezza is the brand name for teprotumumab. This is an IV infusion treatment administered by a healthcare professional in sessions over the course of several weeks.

Problems With Tepezza Treatment

Soon after Tepezza was approved, some patients reported hearing problems. The number of patients experiencing hearing problems was larger than previously reported by the manufacturer, Horizon Therapeutics.

In clinical testing, Horizon reported just less than 10% of patients on Tepezza infusions experienced some kind of hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Additionally, the hearing problems from Tepezza were described as temporary and limited in duration. However, these claims were not true and more people were affected with permanent hearing problems.

Hearing Problems Related To Tepezza

Many patients have stepped forward to report ongoing hearing problems related to their Tepezza treatments. Hearing problems related to Tepezza include:

  • partial hearing loss
  • complete hearing loss
  • tinnitus
hearing loss and tinnitus linked to Tepezza treatment

Horizon Therapeutics Misled Patients

Patients and doctors were misled by Horizon Therapeutics. The company intentionally led doctors and patients to believe Tepezza was safer and any effects on a patient’s hearing were rare and temporary.

Profits Over Patient Safety

Consider this: even if Horizon Therapeutics has to pay millions of dollars to patients with hearing loss and/or tinnitus, the company will still continue to make a large profit with Tepezza. This company purposely misled doctors and patients to secure millions – perhaps billions – in profits. Obviously, profits were the goal in hiding the reality of Tepezza side effects at the cost of people’s hearing, health, and overall enjoyment of their remaining years.

Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits

Patients experiencing any hearing problems after Tepezza treatments should contact a product liability attorney to discuss their situation. It is important to protect and preserve your rights as quickly as possible.

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