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Things To Know Before Getting A Medical Implant

Getting a medical implant is a big decision. Often, patients must weigh the possible benefits and risks of the procedure. Patients and doctors may focus on the procedure itself, but a medical implant is more than just a surgical procedure. Here are the things you should know before getting a medical implant.

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Have I Exhausted All Alternatives?

This is one of the first questions that any patient should ask before any surgery. Have I exhausted all other options for treatment? Sometimes, a medical implant is the only option left. Other times, it is possible to avoid the need for a medical implant with other treatment options.

What Is The Success Rate of This Procedure?

On average, medical implant procedures have a high success rate. The national average for success is higher than 95%. This number only considers the procedure and not the experience with the implant. Talk with your doctor. What is the success rate of the procedure? What is the success rate of the specific medical implant device?

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What Medical Implant Will I Receive?

It is important to know the exact manufacturer and model of the medical implant being installed. With this information, you can research the details of the device. How long has it been available? Is the implant durable? How many patients have the same device?

Newer medical implant devices might be missing evidence of reliability. If you doubt the quality or durability of a specific medical implant, ask your doctor for alternatives.

Is It Possible I Will Need Revisions?

Depending on the medical implant, revisions may be a common part of the process. A revision is an adjustment or replacement of the implant. Talk to your doctor to understand what to expect. Are revisions necessary? How often does a patient need revisions with this type of medical implant? Who pays for the revision?

Doctors, hospitals, and medical device manufacturers may cover some or all of the cost for any needed revisions. This is important information to know before you receive a medical implant.

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How Long Will The Medical Implant Last?

I remember the days when a hip implant or knee replacement would last a maximum of 10 years. With advancements in medical device design, many implants can last much longer. Some implants require removal and/or replacement, but some will stay in your body for the rest of your life. But, many medical implants won’t last forever. Before getting a medical implant, you should know how long the implant will last. What happens when your device needs to be replaced?

Early Medical Implant Failure

What happens if your medical implant fails early? Is there a warranty on the device? When a medical device implant fails early, it can be a sign the device was defective. A defective medical implant may be grounds for a personal injury claim.

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How Long Should It Take To Recover?

It’s important to know how long your recovery could take. The recovery time will vary depending on the device and surgical methods used to install it. If you’re taking longer to heal, should you be concerned? Your doctor may try a few different treatment options. However, if you aren’t recovering according to plan, there might be something wrong.

When Should You Talk To An Attorney

If your medical implant device fails early or fails in a way that causes internal harm, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney for help. Additionally, if the healing process is taking longer than expected, talk to a medical malpractice attorney. Either situation is an indication something might be wrong. An attorney can help you protect your rights and provide advice to help you stay in control. Many times, people wait too long to contact an attorney and miss the medical malpractice statute of limitations.

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