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Toy-Related Injuries [Infographic]

In 2014, over 250,000 children suffered toy-related injuries. It’s frightening to think that toys, which are made for children’s enjoyment, can cause so many injuries. Toys are supposed to entertain children, not injure them. It is important for parents to educate themselves about toy safety before choosing toys for their children. In addition to buying safe toys, we can help reduce toy-related injuries by being aware of hazards and recalls, ensuring that children are using toys properly, and supervising children while they are playing.

Toy-Related Injuries [Infographic]


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Defective Toy Injury Lawyers

Toys that have defects should not be sold in the marketplace. Companies that manufacture and sell dangerous or defective toys should be held liable for any injuries caused by their product. If your child was injured by a defective toy, a product liability attorney at Kane & Silverman can help. Contact us at 215-232-1000 or fill out our contact form online for a free evaluation of your claim.