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Traffic Calming

More and more drivers engage in dangerous driving behavior. Cities and communities are exploring different ways to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Traffic calming is one tool to help keep people safe.

What Is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming refers to a range of design and management techniques that are used to slow down or reduce traffic speeds on streets and near public spaces. The primary aim of traffic calming measures is to improve safety for all road users, particularly pedestrians, and cyclists. Traffic calming is part of Philadelphia’s Vision Zero plan.

Examples of traffic calming measures include:

  • Speed bumps and humps
  • Roundabouts or traffic circles
  • Raised crosswalks
  • Narrowing of streets or lanes
  • Planting trees or other visual obstructions
  • Traffic islands or medians
  • Bollards or barriers
traffic calming measures speed bump sign

Traffic calming measures are often implemented in residential areas, near schools, or other areas where pedestrian traffic is high. They are also commonly used to reduce traffic speeds in areas where there are high accident rates or high levels of traffic congestion. Overall, traffic calming is aimed at creating safer, more livable communities by making streets and public spaces more accessible and welcoming for everyone.

Is Traffic Calming Effective?

Yes, traffic calming measures have been shown to be effective in reducing traffic speeds, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and reducing the number and severity of accidents. Studies have shown that traffic calming measures do lead to significant reductions in average traffic speeds, with reductions of up to 10-15 mph being observed in some cases. This is particularly true for measures such as speed bumps and humps, which have been shown to be very effective in reducing speeds.

Reducing Traffic Collisions

The goal of traffic calming is safety. As more drivers engage in aggressive and distracted driving habits, it becomes necessary to force drivers to slow down.

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