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Traffic Fatalities

Traffic Fatalities Increase In Philadelphia At Alarming Rate

The traffic fatality rate has many people concerned in Philadelphia. 6ABC News revealed a large increase in traffic injuries and fatalities this year. Many of these accidents also involve a hit-and-run driver.

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Why is this happening? Why are there so many more dangerous accidents in Philadelphia? Experts have dialed in to share their findings.

car accident injuries rise in philadelphia

Philadelphia Car Accidents Rise During Pandemic

The response to the pandemic is thought to be the main reason for increased car-related fatalities. With fewer drivers are on the street, people feel a false sense of security.

Philadelphia Drivers Taking More Chances

When roads have less traffic, people are willing to take more chances. People drive distracted. They speed because there is no one in front of them to slow them down. Less traffic paves the way for increased collisions for a variety of reasons.

Causes of Car Accidents

There are several ways car accidents occur. Here are the most common causes of car accidents:

drunk driver injury attorney in philadelphia

Any car accident can lead to an injury or fatality. Driving is a serious activity, but many drivers fall into unsafe habits. These bad driving habits put themselves and others at serious risk.

Driving Without Car Insurance

More drivers are taking risks by driving without car insurance coverage. In Pennsylvania, driving without insurance is a crime. This puts the uninsured driver and their passengers at risk. Additionally, uninsured drivers injure 26,000 people each year. Some uninsured drivers flee the scene of the accident.

Hit-and-Run Accidents Rise In Philadelphia

Modern technology makes it easier to track down hit-and-run drivers. But, hit-and-run accidents have increased in Philadelphia at a horrifying rate. 21% of traffic fatalities this year involve hit-and-run drivers. That’s almost 1/4 of vehicle fatalities in the city!

In 2019, 14% of traffic accidents involved hit-and-run drivers. Experts are unsure about why this increase has occurred. But, the numbers in 2020 continue to climb. Some speculate it is due to an increase in uninsured drivers in the city.

Injured In A Car Accident

Car accidents are terrifying. Especially when it is the fault of another person. But a local wrongful death attorney can review your situation and explain your options. Get a free consultation with a Philadelphia wrongful death attorney.

traffic fatalities rise in philadelphia

What Can You Be Compensated For?

If you’re loved one dies in a vehicle collision, there are several things you can be compensated for. They include but are not limited to:

  • medical bills
  • follow-up medical bills
  • wage loss
  • loss of job
  • wrongful death of companion/provider
  • future earnings lost
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • pain and suffering

Even without insurance coverage, you may be eligible for compensation. Talk to a wrongful death attorney in Philadelphia for free to discuss your options.

Philadelphia Wrongful Death Law Firm

The Philadelphia attorneys at Kane & Silverman are experts in wrongful death law. We have extensive experience in getting our clients the largest compensation available. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a car crash talk to us for advice.

If you lost a loved one in an accident in Philadelphia, you may be eligible for compensation. Our legal team is here to help you navigate the wrongful death claims process.

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