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Walmart Coupon Class Action

Walmart Coupon Class Action

People in Pennsylvania who shopped at Walmart between June 8, 2007 and April 15, 2015 may be part of a recent class action. But, to be included you have a limited amount of time to join. Only certain shoppers are eligible to be part of the Walmart coupon class action lawsuit. Read on to find out if you qualify.

pennsylvania walmart coupon class action - walmart storefront

What Happened?

In Pennsylvania, retailers like Walmart are required to deduct coupons before calculating taxes. Records show Walmart had collected tax amounts based on the full retail value of items. This is the basis of the class action lawsuit.

Am I Part Of This Class Action?

If you purchased taxable items from a Pennsylvania Walmart location and used a coupon you may join this class action. You must have purchased the items between the dates stated above. And, you must have used a coupon for the item(s).

walmart cash register drawer

PA Walmart Coupon Class Action

To join the class action settlement, visit the Walmart Coupon Class Action website and read the full details. Walmart, of course, denies it did anything wrong.
If you qualify, you can register to join the class action. Additionally, you have until November 22, 2018 to join the class action. Settlement amounts could be between $30 to $100. However, you will not know the final value until a later date. Class action members will receive Walmart gift cards as reimbursement.

What If I Don’t Want To Be Part Of This Class Action?

Here’s what happens in this situation. If you did make a purchase and use a coupon between the above dates, you are part of this class. But, you need to file a claim to be part of the settlement. If you do not file a claim, you lose your ability to claim in the future. Additionally, you can opt out to preserve your rights to file a separate claim in the future.

If you do nothing, you give up your ability to collect the settlement and to file a claim on your own. Either way, to do anything, you must act before the deadlines listed on the class action website.

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