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Wawa Put On Notice

Wawa Put On Notice For Dangers In Bike Lane

Dangerous Bicycle Lanes In Philadelphia

A new Wawa location on 22nd Street in the city is causing a dangerous situation for bicyclists in the city. Poor planning for parking at the convenience store is creating dangerous conditions. Visitors of the convenience store sometimes park their vehicle in the bicycle lane. Delivery vehicles for the store also use the lane to park. This causes a serious hazard for cyclists who need the lanes to stay out of traffic flow.

dangerous bicycle lanes need protection - paint is not enough

One cyclist wrote a warning letter to the store with details of a recent incident. The cyclist was riding and needed to avoid two cars parked in the bicycle lane in front of the store. While trying to pass the parked vehicles, a third vehicle passed. Immediately, the third vehicle swerved into the bicyclist’s path, causing a crash. The rider wasn’t injured this time, there was only damage to the bike. Things could have been much worse.

Philadelphia Bicyclist Deaths This Year

The city has had over 54 traffic-related deaths so far this year. Of those, 3 were bicyclists. Additionally, 14 involved pedestrians. These numbers only include deaths, not injuries. At this rate, there will be more fatalities this year than last year. The Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia tracks fatal accidents on its website.
3 bicycle deaths may not sound like much. But, consider all 3 of those crashes happened in the bicycle lane. In each case, a vehicle crossed into the cyclist’s path in a bike lane.

Against Vision Zero Philadelphia

The city has had several injuries and deaths with motorists crashing into bikes. Wawa and the city should take notice. This dangerous situation needs to change. The lack of safety goes against the Vision Zero Philadelphia mission. They aim to reduce and end traffic injuries and death in the city.

Philadelphia bike share program - bicycle injury attorney

How Can Wawa Help

First, they can have their delivery drivers park where appropriate. Never in a bicycle lane. Additionally, Wawa should work with the city to develop a safety plan around their store. The store can install plastic bollards to protect the bicycle lane. And, the store should discourage customers from parking in the bicycle lane. This can be done by installing signage and working with the city for protected bicycle lanes.

How The City Can Help Protect Bicyclists

Loading zone spaces should be installed to provide parking for deliveries. Short term parking spaces should be positioned on the west side of the street. Philadelphia needs a better action plan to provide safer conditions for everyone. This includes driver, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. Protected bike lanes and better enforcement go a long way toward protecting cyclists. Likewise, painted lanes help bring attention to unprotected lanes.

dangerous bike lanes near wawa on 22nd street philadelphia

How Can You Help

First, always respect bicycle lanes. Never park in them. Second, sign the petition to help fix the problem. Show your support for bicyclists who want to safely use the designated lanes in the city.

Bicyclist Injured In Philadelphia

We want everyone to have safe travels in and around our city. We love this place! But, we all know aggressive drivers create dangerous conditions. These conditions are made worse by poor street and sidewalk planning. Lanes meant for bicycles are constantly used by motor vehicles. Help us in the fight against bad drivers, negligent businesses, and poor city enforcement. If you’re injured as a bicyclist, we want to help.

Philadelphia Bicycle Injury Law Firm

The attorneys at Kane & Silverman are here to help. Drivers have a duty to operate their vehicle in a way that is safe for everyone. Businesses have a duty to provide a hazard-free experience. And, the city owes its residents safe ways to get around without fear of injury caused by poor planning.
If you’re injured, give us a call or send us a text for help. We’re here to help you understand your options. Get a free and confidential consultation. Call or text us anytime at 215-232-1000. Or, fill out our online request form and a member of our legal team will contact you.