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Weed Killer Cancer Lawsuits

RoundUp lawyers keep losing in court. Why? Because science shows weed killer cancer is real. Three juries have handed out million- and billion-dollar awards to people with cancer. If you work or have worked, with RoundUp you should see a doctor.

roundup cancer in larger quantities

Weed Killer Problems

The greater the exposure, the greater the cancer risk. Farmers, lawncare workers, and gardeners using RoundUp are at greater risk. Anyone working with RoundUp on a regular basis should consult their doctor.

weed killer cancer caused by roundup

Weed Killer Lawsuits

In May 2019, a jury awarded Alberta and Alva Pilliod in their case against RoundUp. The jurors said the weed killer owed them over $2 billion dollars in their lawsuit. Another case awarded $80 million. Additionally, a third case awarded a school groundskeeper with $289 million against RoundUp. Of course, these are all recent cases and RoundUp plans to appeal.

Weed Killer Carcinogen

RoundUp contains glyphosate. Scientific seems to differ on the ability of glyphosate to cause cancer. But, the evidence shows RoundUp paid money to researchers that claim the chemical is safe. Who would you believe? Researchers that are independent? Or, the researchers in RoundUp’s pocket?

gardening weed killer cancer risks

When To Call A Lawyer

Using RoundUp doesn’t automatically qualify you to file a lawsuit against them. Yes, they put you at risk without your knowledge. But, to have a case against RoundUp they need to have caused you actual harm.
For people harmed by RoundUp, they have specific cancers caused by glyphosate. If a doctor diagnosed you with non-Hodgkins lymphoma AND you’ve used RoundUp you may have a lawsuit.

Weed Killer Cancer Lawyer

Howard Silverman founded Kane & Silverman with the mission of helping people. Big corporations hide evidence of dangerous products to make profits. Companies that do this should be punished.
If you have non-Hodgkin lymphoma and you’ve used RoundUp, call us today. Our legal team will help you understand your options. Call or text us at 215-232-1000. Or, use our online contact form to schedule a free weed killer cancer consultation.
At Kane & Silverman we never charge you legal fees unless we recover money for you. Consultations are always free.