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Wrong Way Driver Crash

What To Do if You are in a Wrong Way Accident

Driving is inherently dangerous, especially at high speeds. There are over 5.25 million car accidents every year. Some accidents result in serious injury, even death. When a driver going the wrong way causes a crash, those injured deserve compensation.

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Drivers going the wrong direction accounts for 355 deaths each year. That is an alarming rate. Wrong-way drivers cause serious injuries to those who cannot avoid a collision. The most common injuries from vehicle crash are:

  • brain trauma/traumatic brain injury
  • broken bones
  • skin lacerations
  • fractures
  • death

If you or a loved one are hit by a wrong-way driver, these are the facts you need to know:

It Happens More Often Than You Think

An elderly driver caused a multi-car accident that involved 14 cars. Many people were injured due to the wrong-way driver. The driver headed west on eastbound lanes.

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Officers believe the driver was experiencing an episode as part of a known medical condition. It is unknown as to why the elderly driver was heading the wrong way on the highway; however, this action led to injuries and extensive damage to many vehicles.

What Causes Wrong Direction Accidents?

There are several reasons wrong-way accidents occur. The majority occur on an exit ramp when someone mistakenly enters. Here are the most common causes of these accidents:


Older drivers cause 15% of crashes going the wrong way. People 70 years and older typically cause these kinds of accidents. Reflexes, eyesight, and other factors contribute to crashes.

Driving Under the Influence

Another common reason is being intoxicated. Intoxicated drivers cannot make rational decisions nor trust their judgment behind the wheel. Drugs and/or alcohol impair vision and brain function and can lead to an accident.

A large number of crashes with drivers going the wrong direction involve alcohol. The NTSB found 69% of wrong direction drivers who cause accidents have a blood-alcohol level (BAC) of .08 and higher.

People injured by drunk drivers may be eligible for additional compensation. Learn more about Dram Shop injury lawsuits.

Nighttime Driving

The NTSB found that 78% of these kinds of accidents happen at nighttime. This may be due to lesser vision and clarity on dark roads and poorly-lit streets.

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Hire a Pennsylvania Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one was injured by a driver going the wrong way, talk to a lawyer. You must obtain legal representation immediately. An experienced attorney will investigate all factors and get you the best outcome possible.

Our lawyers at Kane & Silverman help crash victims. We are here to guide you through your legal options. We aim to get your medical bills covered in addition to all the damages incurred.

Call us today! We provide free legal consultations to discuss your injury situation.