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Michael J. Cadigan Jr.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Michael J. Cadigan Jr. joined the Kane & Silverman team in 2023. Mr. Cadigan is a personal injury attorney licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania. He also serves as an injury attorney in our Lancaster office for Haggerty Silverman & Justice.


Michael Cadigan holds a BA from Penn State University. He received his Juris Doctor at Widener Law Commonwealth.

While in college, Michael gained valuable experience as an intern at different plaintiff and defense law firms in the state. Internships gave him an opportunity to focus on medical malpractice cases. Finally, he completed the clinical portion of his internship with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board.

Working For Insurance Companies

After law school, Michael Cadigan went to work for a large Philadelphia law firm that specializes in the defense of motor vehicle and premises liability lawsuits. But, Michael saw the lack of quality representation for injured people.

In his work defending insurance companies, Michael became aware of the tricks and tactics used to reduce valid claims. These tricks take money away from honest people that deserve reasonable compensation.

Working To Help Injured People

Michael J. Cadigan became an injury lawyer to help honest people get the money they need after an injury. Too many times, Michael has seen hardworking people denied the money they deserve. That’s why Michael stopped representing insurance companies and works as a personal injury lawyer.