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Commercial Insurance Bad Faith

Commercial Insurance Bad Faith

Pennsylvania Commercial Insurance Bad Faith Claims Lawyer

Companies spend a lot of money on insurance premiums to protect themselves. When a commercial insurance claim is denied, don’t give up. Consult an experienced commercial insurance bad faith lawyer for help.

Commercial Insurance Policy Coverage

The company insurance policy should cover your claim. But, insurance is denying your commercial coverage claim. Even after combing through your commercial insurance policy with the company lawyer, it seems your claim is valid. Consult with an experienced insurance bad faith lawyer. Get a second opinion from Kane & Silverman.

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Examples Of Commercial Insurance Bad Faith

Not every denied claim is grounds for a bad faith case. Examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Failing to pay a covered claim
  • Failure to settle a lawsuit within policy limits, exposing the company to additional liability
  • Unreasonably delays the payment of a covered claim
  • Failure to conduct a reasonable investigation before denying a claim
  • Wrongful refusal to settle a valid claim

Commercial Insurance Policy Review

If your commercial insurance policy claim is denied, consult an experienced insurance bad faith lawyer. We will take a detailed look at your commercial insurance policy and offer our legal advice. Understand your options and figure out the best way to proceed.commercial

Commercial Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

This year, our legal team has already recovered millions of dollars in commercial insurance bad faith claims. If your company has a problem with a commercial insurance claim, call our office today at 215-232-1000. Or, use our online form to schedule a free commercial insurance bad faith consultation.

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