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Misdiagnosis / Delayed Diagnosis

Philadelphia Misdiagnosis Lawyer

When something is physically wrong, you go to the doctor for help. But what happens if the doctor misdiagnoses you or does not diagnose you in a timely manner? If you are misdiagnosed, you may be subjected to unnecessary and painful treatments. If the correct diagnosis is delayed or not made at all, the condition could worsen. What was once an easily treatable condition could turn into something far more serious without proper treatment. If a doctor failed to diagnose you or misdiagnosed you, a Philadelphia misdiagnosis lawyer at Kane & Silverman may be able to help.

Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

Early detection of cancer is crucial. When a doctor fails to listen to a patient’s complaints or fails to order tests, it can have serious consequences. Cancer is an aggressive disease. The longer treatment is delayed, the more the disease can spread throughout the body. A delayed diagnosis of cancer can result in the patient needing more aggressive treatment. Unfortunately, in some cases, the disease may be too advanced for treatment and ultimately cause death.

Delayed Heart Condition Diagnosis

If a patient complains of chest pain or other symptoms of heart disease, a doctor should run tests to discover what’s wrong. When a doctor sends the patient home without ordering tests, the heart disease remains undiagnosed. Sadly, without proper treatment, a delayed diagnosis of heart disease can result in a heart attack or death.

Delayed Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis Attorneys in Philadelphia and Marlton

If you were the victim of a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, you are not alone. In fact, a study found that the most common medical malpractice claims are missed diagnoses. However, every missed diagnosis is different. Cases involving misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis are complex and there are many factors involved. Even if a doctor made a mistake in diagnosing you, it doesn’t always mean the doctor is liable for that mistake.

An experienced attorney will evaluate your misdiagnosis claim and determine whether you have a case. For a free consultation with a Philadelphia misdiagnosis lawyer, contact Kane & Silverman today. Call or text us at 215-232-1000. Or, fill out our contact form to schedule a free misdiagnosis consultation. We have offices in Philadelphia, PA and Marlton, NJ where you can meet with our attorneys.

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