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Dangerous Medical Device

Philadelphia Dangerous Medical Device Lawyer

Medical devices are meant to improve the health and well-being of patients. Many times, implanted medical devices work fine. But, sometimes things go wrong and bad things happen. When a medical device causes serious health problems, you should speak to a dangerous medical device lawyer.

What Makes A Medical Device Dangerous?

A medical device is dangerous when it hurts the people who use it. Devices that malfunction, break, move position, or make a condition worse are considered dangerous medical devices. Usually, a device manufacturer is aware of the problem. When a device maker continues to sell a dangerous product, more people get hurt. We want to help stop companies from putting profits over people’s safety.

Examples Of Dangerous Medical Device

Medical Device Injury Lawyer

Millions of Americans have medical devices implanted in their bodies. The devices are intended to improve life quality. Contact a lawyer if you or a loved one have a dangerous medical device. There may be compensation available for you. Contact Kane & Silverman for a free consultation with an injury attorney.

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