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Workplace Assault

Work is no place for violence or assault. Yet, roughly 2 million people each year report some form of violence at work. Workplace assault is the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the US. But what is workplace assault? Who pays for the medical bills?

What Is Workplace Assault?

OSHA defines workplace violence as any threat of violence, harassment, intimidation, or disruptive behavior. Assault is the actual physical harm stemming from these conditions. Additionally, assault can lead to serious physical injury.

Three Types Of Workplace Violence

There are three common types of workplace violence. Criminal intent, customer, and employee on employee assault are the three typical categories of employee assault.

Criminal Intent

Robbers, shoplifters, and other criminals can be dangerous. Sometimes, they intend to hurt people. Employees harmed by criminals are typically covered by workers’ comp.

Customer/Client Assault

Disgruntled customers can be unpredictable. We’ve seen simple situations escalate into serious assaults on workers. Irrational behavior from customers can leave employees with serious injuries. We’ve seen assault injury cases related to mask policy enforcement.

Employee On Employee Assault

Assault from one employee to another accounts for 15% of workplace homicides. Co-worker assault can be physical, emotional, or sexual. Employee on employee assault of any kind is a serious matter. Employers must take action to provide a safe workplace for all employees.

Who Pays The Medical Bills?

When an injury happens at work, the employer is usually responsible for the medical bills. If you have any questions about your situation, talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Workplace Assault Injury Claims

After an assault at work, it is important to file a report with your employer. You might not feel injured, but filing a report can protect you in case you feel worse later.

When To Talk To A Lawyer

If you have a work-related injury, talk to a lawyer about your situation. No one needs to know you talked to a lawyer, your consultation is confidential. But, a lawyer can explain your rights in a free workers’ comp consultation. Understanding your rights can help you protect your financial future. One misstep can cost you, but a lawyer can help you see your options.

Workplace Assault Injury Lawyer

If you are the victim of a workplace assault, talk to an injury lawyer for advice. A free and confidential consultation can provide the peace-of-mind you need. Talk to one of our Philadelphia or New Jersey area attorneys at no cost to you.

No Win, No Fee

At Kane & Silverman, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means, if we don’t recover money for you, we don’t charge you anything. Additionally, we pay all court and filing fees. You only pay us when we recover money for your case.

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