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Banksy Art Self-Destructs After Sale

Banksy Art Is Similar To Large Injury Cases

A piece of Banksy art recently sold at auction began to shred itself immediately after the sale. The piece of art sold for $1.4 million at auction. The buyer was excited, but then everything changed. Soon after the final bid was accepted, the art began to shred itself. It seems the artist installed a shredder in the frame as part of the piece. In some ways, this is similar to large injury cases that make the news.

Comparison To Large Injury Cases

This is like many multi-million dollar injury cases. It’s big news! After a jury hears the evidence in an injury case, they render a verdict. The decision can award the injured person money to help them recover what’s left of their life.

For an injured person, a positive verdict can bring them a ray of hope. But it’s very rare a jury awarded payment is the actual settlement payment in the end. Those rays of hope are quickly shredded by the defense. Large jury awards are usually appealed.

Large Injury Cases In The News

We read the headlines about an injured person receiving millions of dollars for an injury. The TV news reporter might even laugh at how silly the injury seems. And, based on what you’ve read or heard, you might agree. But, we rarely have the whole story.

What we don’t hear reported in the news is the actual severity of the injury. The details of how or why the injury occurred are often skimmed over or ignored. Or, the reporter fails to mention the defendant’s near-endless appeals to the verdict. Most large verdicts are appealed. When both parties finally settle, the amount is much lower than the news reported.

But, there is never a follow-up story to fix the misconception. We hear the woman who spilled coffee in her lap got $2.86 million from McDonald’s. That is what the jury ordered, right? The truth is, her injuries were far more severe than the news reported. She had third-degree burns. The victim required skin grafts and surgery. She had a lot of large medical bills. And, she actually received a lot less after several appeals from McDonald’s. After months of back-and-forth negotiations, the woman received $640,000. Of course, in the beginning, she was only seeking $20,000 for medical expenses and lost income.

Serious Injury Is Not A Quick Way To Make Money

Serious injury lawsuits are not a get-rich-quick scheme. The injuries are not glamorous or faked. People are genuinely injured and deserve compensation to cover their medical expenses. But insurance companies are businesses. Some insurance companies with fat wallets will try to wait it out as long as they can. They will try to force injured people to accept any offer out of desperation. Sadly, some injury law firms operate this way too.

As injury attorneys, we have to plan for the long haul. We invest our own money to pay staff, buy supplies, pay court fees, and other expenses until a case is successful. We prepare people for the reality of the legal process. The legal process can take a long time.

Most times, we work with a case for years. Injuries can take years to treat and heal. Serious injuries can take years to get to court. After that, it can take a while longer to actually get a settlement check.

After a court verdict, an injury lawyer still fights to get the settlement the jury awarded. It might not be possible for the insurance policy to pay the amount awarded by the jury. Then, we go after a bad-faith insurance claim to begin a case against the insurance company itself.

How Banksy Art Is Not Like A Large Injury Case

Unlike large injury cases, Banksy will likely get his $1.4 million for the partially-shredded art. The act of shredding it at the sale likely adds to the value for the buyer. The artist will get his money and the buyer will get the art. Unlike an injury case, the art-buying process only takes a couple of days.

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